Collection: Bargello Quilt Patterns

Our Bargello Quilt patterns include full how-to instructions for Bargello quilt making as well as grids for you to create your own beautiful Bargello with ease. The Bargello patchwork technique is created with fabric strips, joined to make a Bargello block which is cut into Bargello strips of various widths. The common tubular technique is ideal for beginner projects but not suitable for all advanced Bargello quilts. If you are new to making a Bargello quilt we suggest you start with a simple Bargello such as "Bargello in Spring" using the tubular technique. If you need one-on-one help with Bargello, try our online courses "Bargello Seasons" for beginners or "Advanced Bargello" for advanced quilters where you not only learn about advanced Bargellos but also design your own.