About Emma

Emma Mcfarland

Arbee Designs is proud to introduce Emma McFarland, a younger than expected, energetic and full of enthusiasm quilter. She comes to us from New Zealand and is anxious to be among the wonderful designers at Arbee Designs. We looked at her work with a keen eye and observed that her work was of a new dimension. We look forward to much of her work being published and we are positive the quilting world will accept her work with excitement.

Emma had a flare for fashion and color at a very young age. Having a mother and grandmother who quilted they brought her attention to making quilts. All this took place at the tender age of 4 and started blossoming at 10.

This young woman at the age of 26 has decided to launch her career as a quilt pattern designer. How wonderful it is to have her aboard and to know the younger generations are getting involved. We are sure you will enjoy her patterns as we guarantee it. "Try them, you will like them"

Her most popular pattern so far is Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze by Emma McFarland