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Stephanie Senior

Stephanie tells us.....

35 years ago when my first child was born, I took a quilting class. Back then you used scissors, a quarter inch ruler, and hand stitched your blocks together. I had great ideas to make my daughter a quilt. I made one block.

Fast forward to ......

Ten years ago, Vanessa and Avery were born two months premature, I had to do something.....so, I made them quilts. I'd never made one before, but it was the one thing I knew would be with them, around them and would last.....maybe for a lifetime.

I stepped into the quilt store and saw all the changes, methods and opportunities and I was hooked. I Bought my first embroidery machine and found what my creative spirit was craving. It wasn't interior decorating, stained glass, or oil painting though I would say all of those things have influenced my quilting. It was the way quilting had evolved and I loved what I saw.

Mark Lipinski's magazine had an article about testing patterns for designers; I jumped at the chance. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn new things and to use my technical writing to one day become a designer. I had big plans to become a designer, open a quilt store and make awesome show piece quilts.....

What I have done instead is make and gift over 25 quilts. My quilts are hugging and loving the most important people in my life.

I have also taught EQ, Bernina embroidery software class, Bernina Club using all the feet that Bernina offers and have done block of the month classes. I have tested patterns for many designers, one being Arbee Designs. Through Ruth Blanchet's patience and expertise, I have written the ABC's.

I am excited to join the Arbee Designs team and look forward to designing more quilts for your enjoyment. Another goal met...I am a designer!

I hope you enjoy making the ABC's quilt, it was designed with love, laughter, and joy in mind.

Stephanie Rose Senior


ABC baby quilt