About Jennifer


A few words from Jennifer:

Hello, my name is Jennifer Houlden. I am pleased to be designing for Arbee Designs. I made my first quilt when I was 11 years old. As a child and even as an adult, I was very crafty. I am a Canadian by birth, a nurse by profession, and I live in the Australian outback with my husband who is an engineer but his passion is photography. Australia is our temporary location and I look forward to going back to Canada again one day.

One day a quilt shop opened up in our Arctic hometown and I signed up for a quilting class. I became completely engrossed from the beginning with quilting and I loved all the fabrics, tools and creative processes. My mother was a seamstress so it is not a surprise that I would eventually end up at a sewing machine. Quilting allows me to be creative and to challenge myself. I enjoy creating my own designs and I love seeing them come together. I enjoy traditional quilts and am very intrigued by seeing what secondary designs I can create with only 2 blocks. I am fascinated with the illusion of movement in my quilting designs. Art quilts are quickly moving into my repertoire as well - a whole new challenge.

I have a passion for quilting and living in the Arctic where it was great to snuggle up under my quilts. This adventure to Australia from our homeland of Canada has given me the opportunity to pursue my quilting on another level. I look forward to creating many patterns that you the consumer will appreciate and enjoy. Look for my picture on the Arbee Designs patterns.

Sincerely Jennifer.

Jennifer began with Arbee Designs in mid-2010 and by November we had already published her first two patterns "Seasons Greetings" and "Animal Party".

Animal Party by Jennifer Houlden