Ideas for you to create as Christmas gifts

My Christmas Check List

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I've been making some Christmas crocheted baubles but really should get started on my gift list, have you made a start?

crochet Christmas baubles

To help you along with your list, I thought I'd list all the simple, easy and inexpensive gifts you can make for Christmas this year. This also helps me organize myself so I can get gifts made too. A simple Christmas decoration with money hidden inside would make awesome gifts for my grandkids!

framed applique pictures in hoops

Anita's Favorite Gift - a pot holder: Anita's favorite Christmas gift project

My Favorite Gift to make - coasters: Coasters including Thanksgiving Ideas

Placemats: Ideas for placemats including Free Tutorials

Decorative Towels and Pillowcases: How to create decorative towels and make pillowcases

Recycled Tote: How to recycle branded totes making them your own

Book or Tablet Covers: How to make a book or tablet cover

Framed or Hooped Blocks or Embroideries: How to make a simple hooped or framed wall hanging

gift surprise in a Christmas decoration

Secret Gifts & Gift Tags: How to create a surprise gift

Gift Bags & Cards: How to make gift bags to use instead of gift wrap plus cards

Christmas Decorations on the Go: How to hand stitch Christmas decorations

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