Book Covers or Tablet Covers - how to make any size


book cover strawberry design

Have you ever made a book cover? They are simple and fun - and they can be made from practically any spare block or quilt. Cutting up a quilt you started but never really liked, is a whole new excitement to enjoy!

Book covers can be more than the name implies. They are simply coverings for many things including tablets, phones, journals, or artist's pads. Making one to include a coloring book and crayons, is a wonderful gift for Grandchildren or stocking stuffers. They are also great for traveling!

Here are some that Anita has made: 

This patchwork book cover is made from 2 1/2” strips - leftovers from another project. It has a bone button, carved as a bird head so that a loop can be attached to hold the book closed.

Anita bookcover3

Anita's patchwork book cover

The red book cover includes a number of materials - Tyvek colored with paint sticks and/or acrylic paint and some glittery nylon net. She used a heat gun on the Tyvek to open up spaces. Everything was layered over a brightly printed cotton fabric, then attached to a felt backing with hand and machine embroidery.

Anita bookcover1

Some test samples transformed into covers

I have a free workshop on how to make a book cover. Instructions include how to accurately measure for your cover as well as constructing it and ideas on decorating it. You can find out about it here on the Academy: Free Book Cover Workshop

My most recent book cover was one for a knitting journal - it was fun to create using a scrap of the matching project bag fabric and some free-motion stitching!

bookcover with bag

Project bag with notebook

Another I made, I recently adapted into a knitting needle case with zip to hold all my circular needles and other tools.

accessory case

Book cover adapted into needle case
(I have a tutorial for this too)

It's very easy to add a pocket for pencils or gift card inside the cover too.

bookcover with pocket

Pocket included for gift card

Here are some more I've made including my tablet cover that I use every day!

book cover

Book cover with applique flower design


Book cover with pen holder

tablet case

Tablet Cover

How about giving these a try? They are definitely fun to make. You can find details here: Free Book Cover Workshop

Happy Quilting!

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