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Knot of Squares - aka Trinity Celtic Knot

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A while back I wrote about my Knot of Squares online workshop which is based on Deborah Cohen's Trinity Celtic Knot quilt pattern. I gave you an insight of the workshop and what you would learn plus the various options. Today I want to share with you my finished version.

knot of squares1

My finished "Trinity Celtic Knot" in shades of teal

I have to admit, I'm not a patchwork fan, but I really enjoyed making this patchwork pattern. It was like a jigsaw in a sense.

I made a variation of the pattern by using just THREE fabrics plus the background so instead of making all squares, I used strips and larger squares as well to make up the blocks. You can see by comparing the two blocks below. 

original method of constructing Trinity Celtic Knot

Original Pieced Block made of all squares

My version of constructing Trinity Celtic Knot quilt with just three fabrics

My variation of the same block - see the large squares and longer strips used instead of all squares

By doing this, I was able to offer a whole different method of construction for the workshop.

Because the design itself was so dynamic I felt it did not need a lot of fancy quilting. I was tempted but restricted myself as I didn't want to overdo the beauty so I chose to stitch-in-the-ditch around all the colored sections.

To make this easy, I would quilt and then drag the thread over to the next section all the way around one color, going back later to snip the threads.

quilting trinity celtic knot quilt dragging the thread over the strip not to be quilted

You can see where I have dragged the thread across to begin quilting on the other side of the strip

The border I cross-hatched which really worked well with the Seminole border (another added option in the workshop).

cross-hatched border on Trinity Celtic Knot quilt

Cross-hatched border

Of course, I couldn't get away with no free-motion at all. I had to add just a tad so I made a Celtic Knot design and quilted that in the blank background areas.

free-motion quilting in white space on quilt

Free-motion Celtic Design

I can see now why this pattern "Trinity Celtic Knot" is so popular.

The pattern is not really suited for the beginner quilter, but I would like to think any beginner could successfully make it in my workshop with my help. There is certainly no hard techniques involved just basic patchwork and organization skills required.

If you would like to find out more about this workshop, you can find it here: Knot of Squares and as a bonus, you can take it directly on this website. I look forward to meeting you and working with you!

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