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Knot of Squares

  • Briefly: Knot of Squares is an online workshop based on Trinity Celtic Knot with much more included to help you create this beautiful quilt successfully Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online here on our website
  • Tutor: Ruth Blanchet
  • Videos: 4
  • Finished size: Multiple Sizes
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Number of Lessons: 4
  • Techniques: Patchwork, Quilting
  • Tags: online workshop, patchwork, Ruth Blanchet, trinity celtic knot

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    Now you can make this complete quilt with various options of your choice from start to finish. This workshop is available to log in right here on our website as soon as you register!

    What's in the class that is not in the pattern?

    Instant help with construction and fabric selection
    THREE options of construction (all scrappy squares, scrappy strips, 4 fabrics with simplified piecing)
    THREE border options (plain, strip pieced, Seminole)
    Extra quilting designs with full details and video showing stitching

    Fabric Hints: This pattern works best with three distinct colors, which all strongly contrast with the background. Use light fabrics for the background and dark fabrics for the colored sections with only a few mediums for variety. Use a variety of prints within each color. Full details about colors and fabrics are given in the first lesson.

    There are three options for construction. The first option is separate squares in the four-color groups so use as many different fabrics within the four-color groups of your choice or use a combination of strips and squares. Option 2 has strip cutting from Fat Quarters (or Fat Eights - you will need twice as many fat eighths). Option 3 has strip cutting from WOF. Amounts assume a Fat Quarter is 18" x 20" or WOF 40" usable width.

    There are three sizes to choose from. The smallest size is given first with the larger sizes given in [ ].

    Border amounts are given separately. Note: If you are a beginner, then I suggest you stick with the plain border option. The strip pieced border is good for intermediate level and the Seminole border for advanced quilters.

    Main Portion of Quilt:

    Background(light) - Option 1: 1065 x 1 1/2" [2"; 2 1/2"] squares 
       Option 2: 7 [13, 19] Fat Quarters
       Option 3: 1 3/4 yds [3yd; 4 3/4yd]

    Red - Option 1: 302 x 1 1/2" [2"; 2 1/2"] squares
      Option 2: 3 [4, 6] Fat Quarters
      Option 3: 5/8yd [1yd; 1 1/2yd]

    Blue - Option 1: 302 x 1 1/2" [2"; 2 1/2"] squares
       Option 2: 3 [4, 6] Fat Quarters
       Option 3: 5/8yd [1yd; 1 1/2yd]

    Black - Option 1: 356 x 1 1/2" [2"; 2 1/2"] squares
         Option 2: 3 [5, 7] Fat Quarters
         Option 3: 5/8yd [1yd; 1 5/8yd]

    Plain Border:

    1st border: 1/4yd [1/2yd, 5/8yd] x WOF 

    2nd border: 7/8yd [1 3/4yd, 3 1/4yd] x WOF 

    3rd border: 3/8yd [3/4yd, 1 1/8yd] x WOF 

    Strip Pieced Border:

    1st border: 1/4yd [1/2yd, 5/8yd] x WOF

    2nd border: 1/2yd [3/4yd, 1yd] x WOF 

    3rd border: Option Two - 2 [5; 8] fat eighths in each of the three main colors
                      Option Three - 3/8yd [5/8yd; 1yd] x WOF in each of the three main colors. In addition, you will need four 3 1/2" [5"; 6 1/2"] squares in one of those colors. 

    4th border: 3/8yd [1yd; 1 5/8yd] x WOF

    Seminole Border:

    1st border: 1/4yd [1/2yd, 5/8yd] x WOF

    2nd border: 5/8yd [3/4yd; 1 1/2yd] x WOF

    3rd border: Option Two - 2 fat eighths in each of the three main colors and 5 [8; 12] fat eighths in the background fabric
                      Option Three - 1/8yd [1/4yd; 1/4yd] in each of the three main colors and 5/8yd [7/8yd; 1 3/8yd] in the background fabric

    4th border: 3/8yd [1yd; 1 1/2yd] x WOF

    For all options:

    Binding (2 1/2" strips): 1/2 yd [3/4 yd, 1 yd]

    Backing:  - 3 1/2 yd x WOF [2 3/4 yd extra wide backing (94” wide); 4 3/4 yd extra wide backing (94” wide)]

    Batting: 60" [95"; 120'] square

    General Quilting and Sewing supplies such as rulers, rotary cutter etc plus sewing machine with a method of sewing a 1/4" seam.

    Option Three: Shape Cut Plus tool (optional)

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