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This is a little bit of fun - time out you might say. As a kid and an adult I love jigsaw puzzles and although I don't have as much time to enjoy them these days, I still enjoy them with my grandkids.... and with today's technology, jigsaws are not just limited to hardcopy. You can, and have for some time now, use online tools to make virtual puzzles which when using your own art work, are just as much fun.

So hunting around online, I found an online tool to create my own jigsaw using one of my quilts which I've embedded below. The great thing about this tool is, you can adjust the difficulty by using more (or less) number of pieces and/or rotating the pieces. You can even invite others to join you in making it. I'll add details for that below - see multiplayer. 

option in jigsaw for selecting just the outside pieces

How to solve this puzzle: simply click each piece of puzzle and arrange it. If you have sound on, you can hear when two pieces connect. The three icons at top center are very helpful. The hand will allow you to move multiple pieces, the dotted outline will give you just the outside edge pieces, and the landscape icon shows you the photo you are making.

Oh yeah, and it also saves where you're up to if you don't have time to finish (cookies need to be active for this feature to work)

Tip: There is a help button (?) top right for further information on how to use the various options.

Multiplayer: If you want to invite others to also have fun making this jigsaw, simply share the link (URL) for this blog. If you wish to work on the same puzzle with someone else you cannot do it directly on our blog, you need to follow the link where the jigsaw is hosted. After doing so, click the 3 lines in the top left corner of the screen and select 'modify this puzzle'. The menu will appear in the center of the puzzle and you can click on the people icon. Note: you can't invite someone part way through the puzzle, it will start over. Here's the link for the hosted puzzle:

jigsaw menu for multiplayer option

Of course, if you have made the jigsaw (or not), you might like to make the quilt too so here is a link to where you can find the pattern: My Empty 3D Vase

This pattern is also available in two of my online workshops:

  • Getting Started with Quilt Art - Provides abundant information and exercises to help you embark on your journey into Quilt Art, encompassing aspects of Still Life.
  • Still Life - This centers exclusively on the genre of Still Life, where you have the option to utilize the provided templates or create your own compositions guided by the instructions.

Happy Quilting, happy puzzling!

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