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Still Life

  • Briefly: Create your own real Still Life pictures in textile art by learning to draw your own templates or using those provided Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Author: Ruth Blanchet
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Number of Lessons: 4
  • Techniques: Applique, Basic Patchwork, Free-Motion
  • Tags: online workshop

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    • Description
    • Requirements

    Everything you need is provided to complete this beautiful still life of a vase. You can treat the class as a simple project or view the vase as a sample and move on to create your personal still life composition. The vase is constructed with fabric and fusible webbing and enhanced with free motion thread work.

    You will be given basic instructions in GIMP, a free graphics program that you can use to draw your own templates. Detailed instructions for creating shadows with fabric, thread or paint are also included. Lesson Four has advanced directions for adding shadows and reflections as well as mounting your finished quilt to place in a frame. Do it all or as much as you feel comfortable with. Suitable for all levels.

    There are various options throughout the class to decide on. I supply some photos to create your still life, however you can also choose to take your own photos and work from those.

    For your own photography you will need: (optional)

    • Digital camera
    • Tripod
    • Spot light or lamp for extra light if necessary
    • Possible still life objects such as fruit, vases, bottles, jars, shells etc

    Software: This class uses GIMP, which is a free download graphic program. There are full details for downloading this in lesson 1. Note: I give step by step instructions for using this and can help you when you need assistance.

    First sample (vase) requires:

    • A collection of SEVEN fabrics ranging from light to dark in ONE color. Eg light to dark blues Note: Only small amounts of fabric are required – usually a fat eighth is sufficient. Hand dyed fabrics are ideal.
    • Machine embroidery threads to match the above fabrics
    • 1-3 background fabrics (fat quarter if only 1 background is use, less if 2 or 3 are used)

    Your own templates:

    • Fabrics ranging in colors to make your own still life project. These may be collected during class when you have a better understanding of suitable fabrics, templates are created and amounts calculated.
    • Machine embroidery threads to match the above fabrics.
    • Suitable background fabrics – usually a fat quarter will be sufficient.

    Other requirements:

    • Bobbin Thread – bobbinfil, bottom line or similar 60 weight thread.
    • Fusible wedding
    • Teflon sheet, baking paper or parchment paper
    • Safety pins or basting spray
    • Sewing machine and suitable feet such as free motion foot etc
    • Batting and backing for each project
    • Fabric paints or crayons, or water colors pencils or crayons (optional)
    • Stretcher frames and staple gun (optional)

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