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Coaching for Art Quilters

Coaching for Art Quilters

  • Briefly: When you are looking for a chance to do some independent studies, join veteran teacher/designer Elizabeth Barton's coaching program for all the answers in composition. (Scroll down for detailed description)
  • Type: Workshop
  • Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
  • Media: Text & Images Only
  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Techniques

    FAQ About Workshops

    Question: Where do I find the workshop I purchased?
    Sign into your account by clicking on the figure icon in the top right corner of this page. You will be directed to your workshop. Alternatively, click here to sign in
    Question: What does it mean by Duration of 10 or 14 weeks?
    Our standard duration for teacher help is 10 weeks. If you feel you need longer we have an option to select 14 weeks of teacher help. We find this is plenty of time for the student to be engaged. After the teacher time is ended you still have access to the class data and you also have access to extend your time at a later date (details are included in each class)
    Question: Is the workshop self-paced or do lessons open at certains times such as on a weekly schedule? 
    Workshops are self-paced. All lessons are available as soon as you access the class for the first time unless otherwise stated in the workshop description.
    Question: After I register for a workshop, how long can I access the class data (videos, text, images etc)
    Once purchased, you can access the class data at any time, 24 hours a day for as long as you need. On occasion, a teacher or workshop may retire, in this case we will give you fair warning so you can download the class data so you can still access the information.
    Question: Do I need to make an account?
    Yes, you need an account so you can log into the workshop. If you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. 
    Question: Can I ask the teacher questions?
    Yes, you can ask the teacher any questions relating to the workshop. Details on how to do this are provided in the course.
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    • Description

    Knowing how to compose a good design is the most important and basic thing! The aim of masterclass coaching is to help you strengthen your art quilt skills, especially in regard to design and composition... with a strong composition your art quilt will work!!!

    You want your art quilt to look really good on the wall... and keep on looking good and interesting for a LONG TIME!!

    Coaching is good if you are looking for a chance to do some independent studies with the help of a teacher for advice, consultation, evaluation and/or critiquing. 

    Previous Experience

    It is not necessary to have taken a workshop with Elizabeth and it’s assumed you are already comfortable with a method of construction that works well for you.

    Elizabeth is happy to work with any level of expertise, but you should be able to make a basic simple quilt as this program does not address construction methods.

    If you have never made a quilt before, then it is suggested you take Elizabeth's “Six Hour Quilt” online workshop because it covers the basics of cutting out and sewing, quilting and finishing – the whole 9 yards!! You can take that class any time, it’s always available.

    How it Works

    After you have logged into your account you will see the introduction to this course and details on how to make the initial contact with Elizabeth. Once you have made contact with Elizabeth, she will email you (within 48 hours of signup, usually much sooner). At this time you will decide on a suitable start date (this may be immediate) and topic (see topic list below).

    Elizabeth usually begins by asking you about both your overall goals and if you have any specific goals to help determine the topic or area you wish to develop.

    She is happy to give formal assignments if you want them, or you can work in a more open-ended way.

    Elizabeth can devise assignments addressing particular design goals, or you can just specify what it is you wish to work on.

    If you wish, she can look at your current work and you can decide on goals together.

    There are many ways to do masterclass coaching and Elizabeth's goal is to keep things flexible to give the student the best advice and training.

    You would have Elizabeth's help, input, support, guidance etc wherever you need it. Elizabeth can usually get back to you within 24 hours, often sooner.

    Topics of Interest:

    • composition (the main focus of this course)
    • important areas in design
    • various art movements
    • guided designing
    • developing designs from photographs
    • how to look at and assess the design
    • strengths and weaknesses
    • finding and solving problems
    • tweaking the design at the blocked-out stage
    • developing your own voice
    • creativity
    • working with the elements of design
    • discovering ways of doing this
    • time management
    • goal development
    • suggestions for other topics are welcome!


    As a student, you specify your start date. Once the initial connection has been made and a topic decided, the workshop begins. Students check in weekly with an update on their progress and/or question, at which time Elizabeth will add suggestions, answer questions, and offer help and guidance where needed.

    The workshop runs for 4 or 8 weeks or 6 months.