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The Six Hour Quilt

  • Briefly: Perfect for those who are short of time….but who love to make quilts. Learn to confidently design and make quilts quickly. Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
  • Videos: 41
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Number of Lessons: 6
  • Techniques: Design, mixed techniques
  • Tags: art quilt, color, designing, Elizabeth Barton, modern quilting, online workshop, patchwork, Piecing, quilting, scrap quilt

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    This is a good basic but also a fun class for any student! All in six hours, you will design, select fabrics, cut and sew a quilt top.... then layer, quilt and finish it off.  You will also assess and evaluate as you go, making adjustments as necessary with Elizabeth's guidance and expertise.

    Level: For all quilters, particularly beginners, and perfect for those who are short of time, but who love to make quilts.

    Furthermore, it is an excellent class for a teacher looking for a one-day class idea….. A typical quilt class day is six hours.

    Plus! It involves working from your stash. No extras are needed.

    Elizabeth asked three friends to go through the course – every week she took photos and short movies of them working. One had never made a quilt before, one had done embroidery and stitchery, and the third had made one traditional sampler quilt.

    Note: Once purchased, you can access the class data any time, 24 hours a day and you get immediate access if this workshop is available on this website. (if you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. Workshops held at require signing in there and take a little more time to activate)

    Time Duration applies only to teacher access for your question and answer duration.


    First hour:

    Several ways to come up with a design!

    1. Trace

    2. Trace, layer, collage.

    3. Shapes! Choose a shape and play.

    4. The amazing grid

    5. A combination of the above.

    6. Grid work with commercial fabric.

    Second hour:

    1. The stash – how to sort it.
    2. Color schemes and choices.
    3. The importance of values.

    Third hour:

    1. Fabric, cutting, ripping!! Pinning up on the wall.
    2. Different ways to cut and sew!

    Fourth hour :

    1. Evaluation, how and why.
    2. Coming back to our work after a week away and thinking….are they okay?
    3. What needs to be changed and why.
    4. Seeing them with fresh eyes.

    Fifth hour:

    1. Squaring, basting, etc.
    2. Quilting how and why to quilt?

    Sixth hour:

    1. Finishing: squaring, the simplest binding, the sleeve.

      Supplies Required for Workshop

      The fabrics in your stash.
      Plus perhaps one yard or so of the main color you will use
      All your usual sewing supplies… nothing more, nothing unusual.