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Reversing Templates For Applique Blocks

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My 59th Flower Block is a dandelion. This has definitely been a fun block to make with its various stitching methods of free motion to add detail to the block (more about stitching later). In fact, I've made more than one block already!

dandelion flower block
Dandelion Block

All my flower block patterns have the templates reversed so they are easy to trace to fusible webbing but did you know they are easy to trace from the non-reversed template too? There are three ways this can be done....

  • Trace the template through to the back of the page and use that tracing to draw the templates
  • Use a lightbox with the page upside down and simply trace them from there
reversing templates with the use of a lightbox
reversing templates with the use of a lightbox
  • Use the layout guide (which I always include) which is not reversed, just not individually drawn pieces

You may be wondering why you would want to reversed it. Well it all depends on where and how you want to use the block. The first block I made was the original, and the second one I wanted reversed so that all the blocks in the border of a quilt weren't facing the same way.

dandelion applique blocks used in a border
dandelion blocks used in a border

Also, if you were to use the flower on the edge of a quilt for example, you would want it looking into the center, not away from it otherwise it tends to draw your eye away from the entirety of the quilt and onto something else.... and in most cases this is not what you want to do.

The good thing about this dandelion block is, if you did happen to do the above without realizing it, you could rectify that by adding a trail of flying seeds (as described in the pattern) in the opposite direction.

dandelion seeds fluttering away
dandelion seeds fluttering away

These reversing instructions can be applied to all of my flower blocks!

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