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I've been doing more sewing than quilting this week - actually my machine has been getting quite a workout as I've been testing out a new design for my latest style of project bag. Being a knitter and crocheter, these project bags come in handy as I can keep everything together in one place especially if I need to grab something to knit in the car or when I take my granddaughters to their swimming lesson.

I like making bag/tote designs and have a number of styles (some more difficult than others) that are available as patterns. Here's a few....

Candy Sweet purse pattern

Candy Sweet

Carry All Board Bag quilt pattern

Carry All Board Bag

Tote a Block pattern with decorative block designs
Tote a Block

My new pattern is very different to all those above and even though I've now written the pattern, I'm discovering new color combinations that will be fun to make too.

project bags made from patchwork fabric

This new project bag is ideal for garment sized projects and although I do make some from patchwork fabrics as those above, I prefer the more solid duck fabric. Duck is a versatile heavier weight twill weave fabric so makes the bag more sturdy and robust.

Project bag made from Duck Fabric (sturdy twill fabric)

Here are some more highlights about this Project Bag:

  • It has a wrist strap handle so you can easily slip it over your wrist when you're carrying other things or looking for keys in your purse.
  • It has inside pockets to slot in your notions, needle tips, cables and other tools you need for your project.
  • It has a zip that not only runs along the top but also down one side so you can easily pull out (or put in) your garment sized project especially while it is on the needles - less chance those stitches slide off! Also, the zip ensures you don't lose any bits if it should tip upside down as you travel - assuming it is closed of course!
  • I've fully lined the inside with a light colored fabric, this helps me to see what is actually in there as it shows up better on a light color than a dark.
  • I make this bag wide and short, but it can very easily be made tall and narrow (info in the pattern) and I even include instructions on how to adjust it for shorter zips if that's all you have on hand.

So you can see, I'm quite excited about my new Project Bag. I've already made a number of these as I tested out the design. Now I have one more to make as I splashed out on some new fabric this weekend!

fabrics for my next Project Bag

A friend told me this morning, it would make a lovely gift and my daughter has mentioned several times already that she'd love to receive one! Will you make one? What colors will you use it for?

If you'd like the pattern, you can purchase it here: Project Bag Pattern

And.... if you happen to be in NZ, you can purchase ready-made bags and kits here:  Project Bags and Kits .....or Dreamfire Artisan Yarns will have some Bags at Woolfeast this weekend!

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