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My Two Fabric Applique Quilt

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As you know, I've been busily adding new ebooks to our ebook quilting library. I'm getting quite a collection!

two fabric applique ebook cover

Over the coming weeks I hope to make some samples from some of the new ebooks and was very excited to begin with Nancy Chong's Two Fabric Applique quilts which I have always admired.

I chose one of the three design included in the book and decided to make it for my mother's birthday which was fast approaching.

Nancy teaches her stress-free needleturn applique in the book but also shows how her quilts can be made using machine applique too. In fact, she has drawn the templates in such a way that they can be used for either.

one template design from Nancy Chongs ebook two fabric applique quilts

I love hand applique, it is so relaxing and enjoyable, however with my time restriction I knew I'd never complete this small quilt in time so machine applique it was for me.

In no time at all I had my fabric selected, design drawn onto fusible webbing, and applique pieces cut out and pressed in place. My lightbox made it super easy to see the design through the background fabric so I could accurately position the pieces.

I used my favorite technique of soft-edge applique to quilt and applique at the same time. You could also use a zigzag if you wanted, however if you are interested in learning soft-edge applique you can in my free online workshop.

soft-edge applique stitching on rose quilt design

It wasn't surprising how quickly this went!

Next I used the Barton Facing to finish off the edges. This is one technique I have instructions for in my 20 Methods to Finish Your Quilts ebook

back side of rose quilt showing facing, label, and tabs for hanging

With label and tabs for the hanger added (click the link for free tab instructions) I was done.... it only took me two afternoons to complete!

two fabric applique quilt made from one of three designs in Nancy Chong's ebook

This was such a fun project that now I have all sorts of small two fabric applique quilt designs floating around in my head just waiting to come to reality. Once you learn this technique, you probably will too!

You can find Nancy's ebook here: Two Fabric Applique Quilts

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