free tutorial on how to create tabs for quilts instead of quilt sleeve

Tabs instead of Quilt Sleeves

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You should always include some sort of hanging sleeve on the back of your quilt. I prefer to put hangers instead of a sleeve on mine, especially on wall hangings. These are much easier and faster in my opinion.

All I do is cut a 7" x 3 1/2" strip for each hanger. (On small hangings I only put two, on wider ones I use 3 or 4.)

Fold it in half lengthwise to make a 7" x 1.75" strip, right sides together and sew the long raw edge together. Then I turn it right side out, twist the seam to the middle of one side and press. After that, I fold it in half so the raw edges are together and position it on the back of the quilt so raw edges are even with the edge of the quilt as you can see below.

Hold in half and attach with raw edges to edge of quilt
Hold in half and attach with raw edges to edge of quilt

Seam is on inside of hanger
Seam is on inside of hanger

I tack it in place, stitching over the hanger 2 or 3 times to secure well. When the binding is attached it covers the raw edges of the hanger. Now all that is left is to stitch down the folded edge.

Binding will cover raw edges and hand stitch the folded edge to quilt
Binding will cover raw edges; hand stitch the folded edge (left in photo) to quilt

Neat, easy and fast. Give it a try!

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