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Have you ever seen any of Marilyn Lee's embroideries? She does both free hand embroidery on her treadle machine and creates designs for embroidery machines as well. They are all pretty amazing! Here is a snippet from the embroidery she teaches in her online workshop My Magic Needle

snippet from Marilyn's embroidery class

If you don't know much about Marilyn, then I encourage you to check out her page on our website. She teaches not only embroidery but other wonderful online workshops in quilting so please take a moment to find out about Marilyn and her creative, informative and popular online workshops.

circular feather embroidery design

Back to embroidery.....from time to time Marilyn offers an embroidery for free and today she is offering us a circular feather for you to try. It comes in two sizes:

  • 4.75 x 4.72
  • 6.88 x 6.85

Before you download the files for your embroidery machine, watch Marilyn's video showing how the embroidery is stitched out.

You can find another of Marilyn's embroideries for free here: Feather Embroidery 

Now choose the right file for your embroidery machine below.

Size: 4.75 x 4.72  6.88 x 6.85
Brother (pes) small.pes large.pes
Elna (jef) small.jef large.jef
Melco (exp) small.exp large.exp
Pfaff (pcs) small.pcs large.pcs
Singer (xxx) small.xxx large.xxx
Tajima (dst) small.dst large.dst
Viking Husqvarna (hus) small.hus large.hus
Viking-Pfaff (vip) small.vip large.vip
Viking-Pfaff (vp3) small.vp3 large.vp3


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