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My Magic Needle - the vintage way

  • Briefly: Learn the amazing art of free motion embroidery and quilting while creating a beautiful handbag Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Marilyn Lee
  • Videos: 63
  • Skill Level: beginner
  • Number of Lessons: 5
  • Techniques: machine embroidery, free motion
  • Tags: free motion, machine embroidery, machine quilting, Marilyn Lee, online workshop

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    Enter the wonderful world of free motion embroidery and quilting using your vintage treadle sewing or electric sewing machine. This very comprehensive class covers every aspect of what you need to know to create amazing art the vintage way. By the end of the class, you will have created a stunning handbag that will show off your fabulous new skills.

    This workshop is not for embroidery machines or embroidery modules, all embroidery is created free form.

    Note: Once purchased, you can access the class data any time, 24 hours a day and you get immediate access if this workshop is available on this website. (if you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. Workshops held at require signing in there and take a little more time to activate)

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    Lesson one:

    • Prepare your machine
    • Learn about thread
    • Learn about bobbin thread
    • Learn about tension
    • Learn about presser feet
    • Learn about feed dogs
    • Learn about thread flow
    • Learn about needles
    • Learn about plastic template sheet

    Lesson two:

    • Prepare your hoop
    • Learn to treadle
    • Learn to hoop fabric properly
    • Practice embroidery
    • Learn about fabric
    • Discuss handbag options
    • Choose your illustration/pattern
    • Transfer the illustration/pattern to fabric

    Lesson three:

    • Begin your embroidery
    • Learn to make handbag handle tags

    Lesson four:

    • Learn about free motion embroidery/darning feet
    • Learn to free motion quilt
    • Learn to make handbag handles

    Lesson five:

    • Assemble your handbag

    Supplies Required for Workshop

    These are the supplies that you will need to successfully free motion embroidery and quilt the vintage way and complete a handbag

    • treadle or electric sewing machine
    • embroidery thread
    • bobbin or serger thread
    • 8 or 10 inch wooden embroidery hoop
    • 1 inch cotton fabric strips to wrap your hoop
    • scissors
    • thread stand
    • cotton practice fabric
    • fabric, preferably a solid color for your embroidery project
    • embroidery darning foot to fit your machine(for quilting)
    • batting
    • black ink illustration/design for pattern
    • tissue paper
    • pen/markers
    • plastic template sheet(optional)
    • pliers
    • pins
    • four key chain rings
    • lining fabric for handbag
    • zipper
    • hand sewing needle

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