Fusible Webbing Requirements

Fusible Webbing Requirements

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If you have been following me a while, it's no secret that my favorite applique technique and probably the easiest to learn is, yes you guessed it - fusible web applique. The great thing about fusible web applique is that there are a number of ways to stitch it down and the fusible holds it in place so it doesn't move while stitching. Another great thing about it is, if you don't particularly care for quilting, you can stitch your applique through all layers and eliminate a lot of the quilting.

So let's take a look at what you will need. That will give you a chance to gather them up ready to start tomorrow.

requirements for fusible web applique

requirements for fusible web applique

I've named all the items in the photo above - let's talk a little about them

Project - Of course we need a project to work on or a background fabric if we are starting something new. If I intend to make a project that is pieced, I always do that part first.

Fusible Web - This comes in many different varieties and made by several different companies. I recommend the light weight fusible for machine applique. Actually, I while back I wrote an article about it so if you're not familiar with fusible web or don't know which to use, I'd suggest you check it out. Fusible Web Article

Fabrics - We all know we need fabrics. It just won't happen without them. Gather fabrics that are contrast to the background so they stand out. I'm a fan of using batiks for my applique fabrics because they have a tighter weave than many other cotton fabrics, they fray less and are easier to work with.

Templates - Another must really, unless you're very creative and can draw or cut your own design. The templates I'll be using for this tutorial are my daisy templates. You can download them by Signing up to my Newsletter or you can check out my applique patterns or my applique flower blocks if you'd like to purchase one.

free applique Daisy pattern


Sharp Pencil - You need this for drawing the templates onto your fusible. I like using a mechanical pencil, one of those kind you press the top to make the lead come down. It always stays sharp that way. 

Sharp Scissors - To cut out the fused fabric. You want to keep nice crisp edges on the fabric. It is less likely to fray. Don't use large scissors, I like medium sized with blades approximately 2" long with sharp pointed ends to cut into narrow areas. 

Iron - This is needed to press the fusible web onto your fabric. I use baking paper or a Teflon sheet (not shown in the picture above) to protect my iron from sticky webbing. You really don't want webbing on the iron because it comes off onto the fabric as a black shiny residue which is hard to remove later.

Threads - Threads are required for stitching your applique shapes in place. Sure the fusible web holds them there, but not permanently. The best threads for applique are the 40 weight cotton embroidery threads, but you can use most anything. There are several different methods of stitching that can be done - we'll look at those later.

Sewing Machine - I recommend machine applique when working with fusible webbing. Hand applique doesn't require fusible webbing as it tends to make it harder to stitch through. 

So gather up all you need and get ready to start. Check out part two on how to prepare your pieces for fusible applique here: Fusible Webbing Applique continued 

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