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Create a Heart Week

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and my granddaughter gave me an idea. Last the weekend we were playing with needle felting and she made a needle felted heart - a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. She loves cats, can you tell?

Izzy's needle felted heart with cat

Needle felting is a fiber art technique that involves transforming wool or other natural fibers into three-dimensional objects or designs using a special barbed needle. This sharp, thin needle is repeatedly poked to entangle the fibers, causing them to mat and create a solid structure.

The process allows for a high degree of creativity, enabling artists to experiment with colors, textures, and forms. Additionally, needle felting is often used in combination with other crafting techniques, such as embroidery or quilting, to enhance and complement the final piece.

We had a lot of fun with this process and I have a mind to add this technique into some of my quilting, it would be perfect in my Picturesque 3D Scene workshop ... but that is for another day.

Back to Create a Heart Week.... where young Izzy created a felted heart, I decided I would create a kaleidoscope using one of the templates in my Kaleidoscope of Hearts eBook. This one I made for Valentines when Izzy was born....

cushion cover from the Kaleidoscope of Hearts eBook

And this one I have colored, ready to print and sew later today. I colored this one on the computer but it is more fun coloring the fabric and just printing the outline - saves on ink too.

Another template from the Kaleidoscope of Hearts eBook

If you want to learn more about printing on fabric, check out my eBook: Fabric Printing

Another couple of ideas for hearts is Linda's thread painted Filament Fantasy eBook - Linda used hearts, you can too or any other shape you like.

Filament of Fantasy eBook by Linda Schmidt

And Anita's beautiful heart quilt using her Folded Ribbon Heart block.

Folded Heart pattern by Anita Eaton

I made this block using her technique outlined in the pattern. The pattern includes table runners as well as the quilt pattern.

heart block from the Folded Ribbon Hearts pattern

Has any of this inspired you to make a heart this week? Let me know what heart you plan to make for Valentines?

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