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Beading How To and Where I use Beads in my Projects

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I've been revisiting ways to embellish my projects and the first thing that always comes to mind are beads. I've used these in many projects and I remember a while ago, I made a tutorial on how to add beads by machine - it included a video too!

Beads definitely add a nice touch to any product. I've used them to create centers on flowers like these poppies...

beads in the center of a flower
Poppy Day quilt with beads in center
Poppy Day quilt

For eyes (such as these fish eyes) and flora in seascapes - one of the designs in my Picturesque 3-D Scene workshop...

beads for fish eyes and flora in an aquarium scene
Underwater world quilt
My Underwater World quilt

Dandelions and dragonflies in my pattern "A Second View"....

beads used for dandelions and dragonfly in a scenic quilt
A Second View quilt - available as a pattern download
A Second View

and even stardust (for lack of a better word!) on this book cover (from my free online workshop) or rain on a small quilt I call April Showers...

beads creating stardust
beaded book cover
close up of April Showers quilt pattern
April Showers art quilt pattern
April Showers

But today, I'm using them in my knitting - yes, another craft I do when I'm not quilting.

knitting with beads added
beaded knitting

...And today I thought I'd share a quick video of how I put a bead on over 3 stitches. I'm using fine mohair and #6 beads in this project.

Will you try adding beads to your next project?

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