Bargello in Spring - the first of a series of colorful season quilts

Bargello in Spring


Being a week of Bargello deals, I was inspired to talk about a change I'd made to one of my Bargello quilts. It was a while ago now that I decided to recreate my Spring Bargello quilt.

It all began when I was having issues with the internet one day and couldn't get online to do my usual work, I thought.... "oh well, how about pulling some fabrics from my stash instead - I want to recreate one of my Bargellos and use colors a little different from my usual." Orange and green hues were selected, and these definitely depict the essence of spring, thus it became an easy choice for which Bargello would be recreated.

orange and green fabrics for Bargello in Spring
Fabrics chosen for the new "Bargello in Spring" quilt

You can see that I have chosen two groups of fabrics each ranging from light to dark or vice versa. The original quilt only had one group arranged from dark to light.

fabrics that made up the original Bargello in Spring quilt
original fabrics for Bargello in Spring

Here is the original Bargello in Spring quilt which I made for my Beginner's Bargello workshop back in 2003:

Original Bargello in Spring quilt with quilted daffodils
Original "Bargello in Spring" quilt made in 2003

This bargello is the most basic of all the Bargello season quilts and a great place to start when learning Bargello basics. You learn rotary cutting skills with strip cutting, accurate seams (which don't have to be exactly 1/4" as long as you are consistent), bargello blocks and tube building, bargello strip cutting and joining, and staggered seams.

After a week or so, my new Bargello in Spring was finished and this new version was published as a pattern.

Bargello in Spring - the recreated quilt ideal for beginners learning bargello
New "Bargello in Spring" quilt

As well as all the general Bargello instructions, the pattern includes correct methods of adding borders and quilting your project. I decided to also include a bonus quilting design for those who want a little bit more of a challenge. The spring flower can be quilted by itself or included with stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.

To take it one step further and make it even more of a challenge, you could also use the quilting flower design to add applique flowers around the border or in one corner.

spring flower for possible border decoration for Bargello in Spring
You may choose to add some applique flowers

I think the new spring bargello looks ever springier. What do you think? I'd love to hear your comments.

Interested in this pattern? You'll find it here: Bargello in Spring Or perhaps you would like to enjoy all my Bargello Seasons quilts. You can find a bundle of them here: Bargello Seasons bundle or sign up for my online workshop Bargello Seasons for Beginners.

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