Nancy Chongs relaxed and light hearted approach to baltimore basics

A Relaxed Light-hearted Approach

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Being a reader, you will know that I've been super busy adding new publications to our website in the form of ebooks. Sometimes, time permitting, I even have a chance to learn and create something special and Nancy's Baltimore Basics is no exception. I couldn't help myself, her clear instructions and relaxing nature just draws you in and before you know it, you want to be creating along side her.

From her instructions on how to position and place her template, I was able to create my very own template which I'll be working on over the next few weeks but I wanted to show you a few images up front to show you just how rewarding and creative it is to learn from Nancy.

First I hand drew the trianglar form that Nancy explains in her book.

Original Baltimore design sketched

Then pulled that shape into Inkscape (one of the free open source software programs I teach in Free Software for Quilters). I redrew the lines and printed it, then folded the fabric and pinned it ready to cut out.

Baltimore design printed and pinned to folded fabric

Positioning the cutout on a background, after lining it up carefully as Nancy explains I pinned it in place - she has information on how to correctly baste too! Of course, at this stage it is a little bulky looking because I need to turn under the seam allowance. I can't wait to see how the finished result looks!

Baltimore design cut out and pinned to background ready for basting

And as soon as the basting is done, I'll be ready to begin hand appliqueing around the edge - what fun!

Of course, it is always interesting to hear from the author so here is a little interview we put together:

cover image of Nancy's Baltimore Basics ebook

"I love the look of Baltimore Album quilts. I love the joyous use of color, the formality of the designs, the realistic depiction of nature, and the hand appliqué technique itself. I also love the red-and-green quilts that were made up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the US throughout the 1800’s, because of their limitation in color, their informality of designs, and that they were appliquéd. The more we learn about these quilts, the more we find out they were made using needleturn techniques and that is my specialty.

I began my appliqué life by making a Hawaiian quilt. I saw one, had to have it, but could not afford it. So, I decided to learn how to make one. Not having made any quilts before that, I had no preconceived notions (I had no notions at all to tell you the truth) about whether appliqué was hard or easy. It was just something I wanted to learn how to do.

The Hawaiian approach to many things is relaxed, light-hearted, and carefree, and their approach to appliqué and quilting is no different. It was a delightful environment in which to learn many new techniques. It is that carefree, relaxed approach that I brought into my other, non-Hawaiian quilting activities to continue enjoying the process. Those are the attitudes and techniques I am going to share with you in my Baltimore Basics ebook."

.... Nancy Chong
Specialist in Hawaiian Quilting & Hand Applique

Will you be drawn in as I was with this amazing ebook? If you'd like to discover more about Baltimore Basics, I can highly recommend Nancy's Baltimore Basics

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