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The Great Scrap Quilt

  • Briefly: Create a scrap quilt that beats all others for its unity, variety and overall beauty - Plus! Easy to make, and requires little extra fabric Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
  • Videos: 38
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Number of Lessons: 7
  • Techniques: Scrap piecing, Improv quilting
  • Tags: creating fabric, Elizabeth Barton, online workshop, Piecing, scrap quilt, stained glass

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    Here is the scrap quilt idea you have been waiting for.... No tedious cutting or piecing, and an amazing result.

    Inspired by old stained glass windows in her hometown of York, England... Elizabeth Barton has created an easy design that has multiple creative possibilities. It is fun and relaxing to make, but the result is incredibly rich. You can follow Elizabeth exactly, or vary according to your own creative ideas.

    This is a fabulous way to use up all your scraps, and you really only need to purchase a "theme" color for the framing and borders to pull it all together.

    In 38 short videos, Elizabeth takes you through the whole creation of this beautiful scrap quilt - she also states that she won an award with hers at the local annual art show!

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    The Great Scrap Quilt takes 16 steps or lessons….

    L1: Choosing the Fabric

    L2: The Cutting of the straight strips: Cutting the strips from scraps…45 degrees on the ends…reasonably consistent width but you don’t have to measure it; in fact better if there is a little variation.

    L3: Sewing the strips together into a long ribbon

    L4: Sewing the ribbon into fabric…end to end…then iron…end to end then iron…time to meditate!! Ironing is crucial…smoothing out all the wrinkles and troubles….calm…relax….

    L5: Cutting the diagonal strips Sewing the diagonal strips together

    L6: Choosing the shapes to cut: squares, triangles, parallelograms, diamonds, rectangles…and the size of the shapes… considering the ratio between the shapes and their borders.

    L7: Arrange them for the most effect….on a design wall if you can…or on the floor and then suspend yourself from the ceiling to get the full effect – or more easily take a photo from that angle…definitely have a purpose in your arrangement.

    L8: Adding the short sashes…the assembly line method.

    L9: Joining the units together.

    L10: Adding the long sashes.

    L11: Trimming and ironing.

    L12: Border fabric – same as sash.

    L13: Sandwich…basting.

    L14: Machine quilting.

    L15: Facing and sleeves.

    L16: Next steps.


      Supplies Required for Workshop

      The fabrics in your stash.
      Plus perhaps one yard or so of the main color you will use…
      All your usual sewing supplies…nothing more, nothing unusual.