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The Color Course

  • Briefly: All your questions on Color from veteran teacher/designer Elizabeth Barton will be answered in this course which is applicable to many different mediums: fiber, paint, ceramics…. even landscape gardening! Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
  • Videos: 21
  • Skill Level: All levels
  • Number of Lessons: 6
  • Tags: color, designing, Elizabeth Barton, fibre, online workshop, quilting

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    We all love color!
    Color is so seductive, so attractive…it’s the reason you buy many of your clothes, paint your house certain shades, even the car you choose!
    So why take a color class???

    Have you ever puzzled about why your quilt or painting wasn’t quite working very well but you couldn’t put your finger on it?
    Have you ever been totally confused as to which color will go best with the ones you already have?
    Do you end up just copying the colors in the photograph of the landscape? And then thinking the painting feels a bit flat?
    Do you try fabric after fabric auditioning different ones to see which is best?

    Do you know how to create a specific mood in your painting or fiberart?

    Do you know why certain color combinations just seem to work so much better than others?

    All of these questions and more are answered in this course on Color from veteran teacher/designer Elizabeth Barton. The class is applicable to many different mediums: fiber, paint, ceramics….even landscape gardening!

    All of the topics above are addressed along with specific exercises to help you absorb the new knowledge you will gain. Clear text plus narrated Power Points and several short video clips help you to make the most of color.

    And you can post your exercises and get Elizabeth’s feedback if you so desire!!
    Come and see….

    Overall plan of classes

    1. The properties of color: hue, value, intensity, temperature
    2. Deriving a color scheme using the color wheel
    3. Deriving a color scheme using photographs
    4. The use of contrast in color.
    5. Special effects with color
    6. Psychological effects of color: using color to create a mood.

    Note: Once purchased, you can access the class data any time, 24 hours a day and you get immediate access if this workshop is available on this website. (if you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. Workshops held at require signing in there and take a little more time to activate)

    Time Duration applies only to teacher access for your question and answer duration.


    Supplies Required for Workshop

    Color copies of quilts you have made, at least 2

    A pad of differently colored craft papers…(available in children’s craft sections)

    Scissors or Exacto knife.

    Pen, pencil. Ruler. Ordinary copy paper (8” x 11”, or A4).

    A nice stash of fabric! Or tubes of paint, or embroidery thread…whatever is your passion!

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