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Stepping Stones

  • Briefly: Quick and simple patchwork quilt in multiple sizes with quilting ideas included Read more
  • Type: Download Pattern
  • Designer: Ruth Blanchet
  • Finished size: 45 x 60; 60 x 80; 75 x 100
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Techniques: Patchwork, strip piecing
  • Tags: download, patchwork, quilt, quilt pattern, strip piecing

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    • Description

    Quick easy quilts make beautiful gifts. Select a neutral background, add accents in colorful prints or design blocks or patches and surround them with colorful complimentary squares. This pattern comes in three sizes using 6", 8", and 10" accent blocks with instructions for strip piecing.

    Photos include blue background with printed squares as accents (original), "Kitty Love" made by Sue using a black background and a cat print for accents, and Air Castle block quilt with a black background and Air Castle blocks as accents to make the green and orange quilt. (air castle block instructions not included in pattern)

    Select your colors and use our easy-to-follow cutting instructions to quickly put this quilt together.

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