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Quilt The Zodiac

Quilt The Zodiac

  • Briefly: Now you can turn your zodiac sign into a tote or cushion or make an entire quilt of zodiac signs Read more
  • Type: E-books
  • ISBN: 978-1-99-116658-6
  • Author: Ruth Blanchet
  • Finished size: multiple sizes
  • Skill Level: intermediate
  • Techniques

    Applique, patchwork

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    • Description
    • Requirements

    This quilting class gives you all the zodiac signs in applique patterns. You can make just one or the full set. Instructions include various layouts for quilts, any amount of blocks to make a family quilt of zodiac signs. Projects for individual signs are also included such as cushions and totes. This is a fun quilting class, where you learn three different techniques of applique and many options of quilting.

    I recommend using good quality quilter’s cotton fabrics for all projects along with cotton/cotton blend batting.

    All projects require the following:

    • sewing machine with accessories
    • fusible webbing (8" sq per block, 20" square for character ring, 1/4 yd for lettering and stars)
    • embroidery and other decorative threads for appliqué and quilting
    • neutral thread for piecing
    • small sharp-pointed scissors
    • sharp leaded pencil for drawing (mechanical pencils are great)
    • general quilting supplies such as:
      • rotary cutter, mat
      • rulers
      • pins and needle
      • iron, ironing mat/board
      • removable markers or quilting pencil
      • 4" square ruler would be useful
    • new needle for machine
    • masking tape
    • light box would be useful but not essential
    • 10" fabric sandwich made from fabric and batting used for projects (amounts not included in individual projects below)

    All projects are optional.  You will choose which items you wish to work on.  WOF is width of fabric.

    One Block Sample or Small Wall Hanging

    Background square of at least 9 1/2".  If you use a 12 1/2" or 14 1/2" background square, your sample can be used to make either the tote or cushion.  No binding is required for those two projects.  A 20" square is required for the wall hanging with character ring.


    • 8" square for zodiac appliqué
    • 4" binding fabric


    • 1/3 yd for both zodiac appliqué and binding

    Backing and batting at least 2" larger than background square

    20" square of yellow/gold for zodiac ring (only required for character ring wall hanging)

    Star Block Background - 12" finished  - This can be used in place of plain background on any of the small projects.  You can see it on  the tote bags.

    For one block:

    • Yellow/gold fabric (for star):
      • ONE 9" square 
      • TWO 4 1/2" squares
    • Background fabric:
      • TWO 4 1/2" squares
      • FOUR 3 1/2" squares
    • 1/3 yd (9") of each fabric will make three-star blocks.  Note: this is the exact amount for the larger square in yellow so careful cutting will be required or allow a little extra fabric.  
    • TWO 2 1/2" strips of background fabric for border to make a 14" finished block (optional)

    Cushion (12" or 14" finished excluding wide soft fabric frame)

    • 12 1/2" or 14 1/2" square of background (this can be substituted for star block background, see requirements above)


    • 8" square for zodiac appliqué
    • 7" wide strip WOF for flat fabric frame


    • 1/4 yd for both zodiac appliqué and fabric frame


    • small amounts of fabric for lettering (optional)
    • 14" or 16" square of batting and backing fabrics (for cushion front)
    • 12" wide strip WOF for cushion backing
    • Velcro dots or press studs (snap fasteners) for back closure 
    • cushion inserts to fit


    • 1 yd fabric for tote (outside), including pocket background
    • 1 1/4 yd of lining fabric (includes 1/4 yd for handles)
    • 8" square for zodiac appliqué
    • Batting: ONE 22" x 38" rectangle for tote and TWO 1" x 60" strips for handles

    Banner Quilts with Sashing

    Blocks can be either 9" or 12" finished.  Choose the number of blocks you wish to complete.

    9" blocks 2 signs 3 signs 4 signs long 4 signs sq
    Finished size 27" x 16" 39" x 16"  51" x 16" 27" square
    Block background 1/3 yd 1/3 yd 1/3 yd 1/3 yd
    Zodiac appliqué fabric 1/4 yd 1/4 yd 1/4 yd 1/4 yd
    Sashing fabric 1/4 yd 1/3 yd 1/2 yd 1/2 yd
    Batting/backing 30" x 18" 42" x 18" 54" x 18" 30" x 30"


    12" blocks 2 signs 3 signs 4 signs long 4 signs sq
    Finished size 34" x 19" 49" x 19" 65" x 19" 34" square
    Block background 3/8 yd 3/8 yd 3/4 yd 3/4 yd
    Zodiac appliqué fabric 1/4 yd 1/4 yd 1/4 yd 1/4 yd
    Sashing fabric 1/3 yd 1/2 yd 1/2 yd 1/2 yd
    Batting/backing 36" x 22" 52" x 22" 68" x 22" 36" x 36"

    All sizes require:

    • 1/8 yd for corner stones
    • 1/4 yd binding fabric
    • small amounts of yellow/gold for appliqué stars (optional)
    • 12" Background blocks can be substituted for star blocks.  See requirements above for this.

    Note: Extra background fabric and yellow (stars) may be required if making pieced cornerstones. 

    Signs and Stars - the Five Sign Block Quilt 

    Quilt size for 9" finished blocks will be 34" square.

    Quilt size for 12" finished blocks will be 43" square

    Note: includes 3" border.

    • FIVE 9 1/2" or 12 1/2" background squares or FIVE-star block backgrounds
    • FOUR 9 1/2" or 12 1/2" squares (for alternating blocks)
    • 1/2 yd border fabric
    • 1/4 yd binding fabric
    • batting and backing fabric approximately 4" larger than finished size.

    Zodiac Quilt (46" square finished)

    • 1 1/4 yds background fabric
    • 2/3 yd background for blocks
    • 2/3 yd for zodiac appliqués
    • 20" square yellow/gold for appliqué ring and stars
    • Backing and Batting 50" square