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Jennifer's Beginners Patchwork

Jennifer's Beginners Patchwork

  • Briefly: Get started with patchwork - learn rotary cutting, accurate seams, correct pressing and more Read more
  • Type: E-books
  • ISBN: 978-0-473-63065-2
  • Author: Jennifer Houlden
  • Finished size: Options Available
  • Skill Level: beginner
  • Techniques

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    • Description
    • Requirements

    Rectangles & Squares is designed as a beginner quilt project but is open to any level of quilter to enjoy. This ebook will cover many basics of quilting along with color, fabric selection, precise cutting, and piecing as well as have a couple of design options available to choose from.

    In the first part, you will pick your fabrics and learn how to precisely cut the pieces required to make the blocks.

    The second part will cover everything you need to know about building the blocks to make the center of the quilt. 

    Part three will be all about turning those blocks into rows and sewing them together on-point. As well, detailed directions will be provided for making the setting triangles.

    Finally, in part four you will pick the border option you want and add it to the quilt.

    Come along and have some fun and see just how many options this one block has to offer.


    Part One

    • Introduction
    • Requirements
    • Abbreviations and Terminology
    • Fabric Selection
    • Cutting the Fabrics
    • Iron the fabric
    • Square up the fabric
    • Cutting the Single Strips
    • Cutting Up The Strips
    • Specialty Ruler - Shape Cut Plus
    • Fabric Swatches & Legend
    • Cutting Instructions

    Part Two

    • Sewing A Quarter Inch Seam
    • Chain Sewing
    • Pinning
    • Pressing Tips
    • How to press toward one side
    • Pressing with a Hera Marker
    • Building the Block 11

    Part Three

    • Layout Options
    • Setting Triangles and Corner Triangles
    • Cutting on the Diagonal
    • Cutting Instructions
    • Building the Triangles
    • Laying Out the Blocks in Rows
    • On-Point Version
    • Square-On Version

    Part Four

    • Cutting Instructions
    • How to attach strips together on the bias
    • Adding the Inner Border
    • Outer Border - Single Fabric Border
    • Outer Border - Pieced
    • Vertical Border - Square On Option
    • Horizontal Border - On-Point Option
    • Horizontal Border - Square On Option
    • Adding the Outer Border
    • Backing & Batting
    • Quilting the Quilt
    • Binding the Quilt

    Option A - On Point with pieced border

    Option B - On Point with single fabric border

    Option C - Square on with pieced border

    Option D - Square on with single fabric border

    Fabric requirements chart

    Fabric On Point pieced border On Point non-pieced border Square On pieced border Square On non-pieced border
    A - light value 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m 0.5 yd/0.5 m 0.3 yd/0.25 m
    B - medium/light value 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m 0.5 yd/0.5 m 0.3 yd/0.25 m
    C - medium value 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m 0.5 yd/0.5 m 0.3 yd/0.25 m
    D - dark value 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.3 yd/0.25 m
    E - medium value 1.0 yd/1.0 m 0.75 yd/0.7 m 1.0 yd/1.0 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m
    F - medium/light value 1.0 yd/1.0 m 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.4 m
    G - dark value - includes inner border and binding 1.4 yd/1.3 m 1.3 yd/1.25 m 1.0 yd/.9 m 1.0 yd/.9 m
    H - feature fabric mediumvalue 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.75 yd/0.7 m 0.5 yd/0.45 m 0.5 yd/0.45 m
    Outer Border - single fabric N/A 1.0 yd/0.9 m N/A 1.0 yd/0.9 m


    All Options

    Backing: 3.5 yd/3.0m
    Batting: 1.75yd/1.5m or twin size pre-cut

    General Sewing Supplies

    • Sewing machine and accessories
    • Quarter inch foot for piecing
    • Cutting board, rotary cutter and rulers (long ruler ie 8.5″ x 24″ or 6.5″ x 24″ and a small square ruler)
    • Scissors for paper & fabric
    • Pins: flat head for pinning pieces together & forked for pinning seams together
    • Neutral thread for piecing such as grey or beige
    • Seam ripper
    • Universal machine needles size 80/12
    • Fabric marker/pen/pencil/chalk
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Pencil
    • Design wall may be useful