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Flower Garden

  • Briefly: Add your own 10" and 8" blocks in this colorful garden setting. Applique flowers are not included in pattern. Read more
  • Type: Download Pattern
  • Designer: Ruth Blanchet
  • Finished size: 49" x 57"
  • Skill Level: Confident
  • Techniques: Patchwork
  • Tags: download, patchwork, quilt, quilt pattern

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    • Description
    • Requirements

    This pattern is a great setting for 10" and 8" blocks. You can find many blocks available here on our website:  Quilt Blocks Use any blocks from appliques such as flowers and animals to patchwork blocks found in Electric Quilt or online such as on our blog. Adjust the fabric colors used in the pattern with our easy guide to suit the colors of your blocks and it will bring them to life.

    IMPORTANT: Flower appliques shown in the quilt are not included in this pattern but are available to purchase here: BOW flower collection 

    ● Other than block backgrounds and borders, all fabrics require no more than a fat quarter, many only require a fat eighth.
    ● All strips except borders are cut from half-width of fabric (either fat eighth or fat quarter). Border strips are cut from WOF (full width of fabric)
    ● You can use a combination of like fabric colors to make up any amount of a given fabric ie two similar blue fat eighths may be used instead of one fat quarter.
    ● Borders are given separately and are optional. They may be the same fabric used within the quilt or different. Our quilt sample shows Accent 1 used for top/bottom border, Main 3 for second border, and Secondary 1 for outer border.
    ● Dark is made up of three fabrics - darkest, dark, and medium-dark. Main is made up of four fabrics - dark, medium-dark, medium-light, light. Secondary is made up of two fabrics - medium-dark and medium-light. Accent is made up of four fabrics which can be any color not previously used. Quilt example shows these as: Dark = 3 black fabrics; Main = 4 green fabrics; Secondary = burgundy and pink; Accent = dark purple, light purple, orange, yellow
    ● Dark 1: (darkest dark) Fat Eighth
    ● Dark 2: Fat Quarter
    ● Dark 3: Fat Eighth
    ● Main 1: (darkest main) Fat Eighth
    ● Main 2: Fat Quarter
    ● Main 3: Fat Eighth
    ● Main 4: Fat Quarter
    ● Secondary 1: Fat Quarter
    ● Secondary 2: One 5-1/2" square
    ● Accent 1: Fat Eighth
    ● Accent 2: Three 5-1/2" squares
    ● Accent 3: Two 5-1/2" squares
    ● Accent 4: Two 5-1/2" squares
    ● Top & Bottom Border Strips: Two 2-1/2" strips WOF
    ● Second Border: Five 1-1/2" strips WOF (1/4 yd)
    ● Outer Border: Six 3-1/2" strips WOF (2/3 yd) 

    Additional Requirements:
    ● Four 10-1/2" unfinished blocks & SIX 8-1/2" unfinished blocks
    ● Batting and backing fabric at least 4" larger than finished top
    ● Fabric for Binding (usually 1/4 -1/2 yd depending on the size made)
    ● Thread for piecing
    ● Rotary cutter, rulers and other quilting equipment
    ● Sewing machine, 1/4" foot etc
    ● A Design wall or floor area to lay pieces out would be helpful