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Barbara's Victorian Sewing Box

  • Briefly: Create this lovely padded box to keep your sewing things or your jewelry in Read more
  • Type: E-books
  • ISBN: 978-1-99-116652-4
  • Author: Barbara Dieges
  • Skill Level: beginner
  • Techniques: sewing
  • Tags: Barbara Dieges, decorative box, Ebook, sewing

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    • Description
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    This padded hexagonal box with its unusual closure was illustrated in an 1867 Godey's Lady's Book. Barbara has redesigned it and written instructions so you can create it too.

    Use it for sewing, jewelry, or other special treasures.

    Barbara will show you how to choose your fabrics, make the templates and complete all the sewing steps. The pattern includes three sizes, 6", 8" and 10". Precut templates are available for the 10" size from the designer - see the supplies list for details. 

    Suitable for any quilter or sewer.


    Part One

    • Select the fabric
    • Cut the chipboard (or the alternatives)
    • Cut the batting

    Part Two

    • Use the sewing machine for sewing the pockets and the cording
    • Assemble the inner box

    Part Three

    • Assemble lid
    • Attaching lid
    • Complete outer box

    You have a choice of box sizes.  The size indicates the approximate diameter of the opening.  The quantity of some supplies varies with the size of the box.  They are in a table to help you clearly see the supplies needed for your project choice.


    Note: Allow extra 1/4 yard for nap or one-way designs. 100% cotton handles better than other fabrics, however taffeta, satin and velvet can be used with care.

      Small 6" Medium 8" Large 10"
     Lining fabric  5/8 yard  5/8 yard  2/3 yard
     Outer Fabric  1/2 yard  5/8 yard  3/4 yard
     1/8" cording  3 yards  3 yards  3 1/2 yards
     1/4" wide elastic  1/2 yard  1/2 yard  1/2 yard
     3/8" matching satin ribbon      3 1/2 yards
     1/4" matching satin ribbon    3 1/2 yards  
    1/8" matching satin ribbon 3 1/2 yards
    1/2" gathered lace 1 1/2 yards 2 yards 2 1/2 yards

    To make your own box pieces, you will need:

    • 1/2 sheet (17"x26") heavy chipboard or 2mm thick card.  This gray paper cardboard is available at art supply stores.
    • Or you can use cereal or cracker boxes.  You will need several as each part requires three layers.

    Mat board is also the correct thickness, but is more expensive. Sometimes framing stores have scraps or damaged boards that are available for a small cost.

    Other Supplies

    • 1/2 yard 7 oz. polyester batting--equivalent to Fairfield Polyfil Hi Loft (a 15"x36" scrap is enough)
    • 100% cotton thread in a color matching fabrics
    • 1/4 yard Pellon Wonderunder Transfer Web  (Bondaweb)
    • 2 manila folders--used is fine
    • 1 cereal box or an 8" square of poster board
    • mechanical pencil or ballpoint pen and a fat indelible black marker
    • mat or utility knife, for cutting chipboard (card)
    • rotary cutter, mat and ruler or sharp scissors for cutting fabric.
    • thread snips or small sharp scissors.
    • sewing needles
    • optional: half dozen pinch clothespins (clothes pegs)
    • 12 large T Pins  (strong, long straight pins, often used to secure a wig to a head stand)
    • tiny safety pin.
    • hot glue gun and extra glue, clear, not colored or white.  I prefer the mini gun.
    • 4-5 glue sticks (white paste in a lipstick type tube) (Pritstick in UK)
    • a wet rag to wipe your fingers while working.
    • other basic sewing supplies
    • sewing machine with zipper or cording foot.