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Abstract Art for Quiltmakers - part 2

  • Briefly: There are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field, let's unveil some (formly known as More Abstract Art for Quiltmakers) Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Elizabeth Barton
  • Skill Level: all levels
  • Number of Lessons: 5
  • Techniques: abstract
  • Tags: abstract, abstract art, abstract artists, designing, Elizabeth Barton, online workshop, quilt

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    Intrigued by abstract art? But don’t know where to begin even thinking about it? How and why abstract art, in all its varieties, was developed is fascinating. And there are so many wonderful quilt designs ideas within the abstract art field! Let’s dig in and see what we can glean.

    This class is parallel to my Abstract Art for Quiltmakers class. They deal with the subject in different ways. Abstract Art Part 2 looks at the history and the popular abstract painters we know. Abstract Art for Quiltmakers focuses particularly on the contributions made by female abstract artists. I suggest you start with part 1, then follow on with part 2.

    Each class has several exercises per lesson that will help you develop your own abstract art quilt designs. 

    Note: Once purchased, you can access the class data any time, 24 hours a day and you get immediate access if this workshop is available on this website. (if you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. Workshops held at require signing in there and take a little more time to activate)

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    Lesson One:

    • Discussion
      • definitions
      • the beginnings of abstract art
      • the top 100 abstract paintings and their makers
    • Exercises
    • Research
    • Reading

    Lesson Two:

    • Discussion: The NYC abstract art movement, Hans Hofmann, WPA, key figures.
    • Exercises: Creating an abstract design based on a grid.
    • Research: A current abstract artist from your area/country who works in a medium other than fiber; if possible analyze their design process.
    • Reading: Modern Masters: American Abstraction at mid-century

    Lesson Three:

    • Discussion: Piet Mondrian: his thoughts, his process
    • Exercises: Creating abstract designs by abstracting the formal elements
    • Conclusion: the essence of abstraction
    • Research: finding examples of different schools of abstraction
    • Reading: Mondrian biography
    • Goals for the week: lots of designs!

    Lesson Four:

    • Discussion: Music: the most abstract art of them all.
    • Exercises: Creating abstract designs by abstracting the formal elements.
    • Research: find more artists who have been inspired solely by music.
    • Reading: Instead of reading this week, I would like you to listen to any music that involves sets of variations: Bach Goldberg variations, for example.
    • Goal for the week: to start a quilt!

    Lesson Five:

    • Discussion
      • 20th and 21st century abstract art
      • Use of found objects… quilts made from labels etc
      • Making your quilt
      • Quilting: the “right” quilting pattern
    • Exercises: Three different ways to create abstraction.
    • Research: 21st century abstract artist
    • Reading: Painting Abstraction: new Elements in Abstract Painting by Bob Nickas

    Supplies Required for Workshop

    This course does not require any particular supplies, nothing that is not already in your studio.

    Computer and access to the internet.

    Photo-imaging software, such as Photoshop Essentials (PSE) or GIMP or any software that allows you to manipulate, crop, simplify, desaturate or apply various filters to a photo.



    Pen, paper (white, black, mid tones any color), pencil.

    Paper scissors

    Usual sewing supplies: cutter, pins, fabric, sewing machine etc.

    Above all: an open mind and curiosity!

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