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A Zentangle Journey Part 2

  • Briefly: Step up to more advanced learning along the Zentangle Journey Read more
  • Type: Workshop
  • Location: online at
  • Tutor: Lee Vause
  • Videos: 29
  • Skill Level: intermediate
  • Number of Lessons: 4
  • Techniques: Drawing, Free Motion Quilting, Zentangle
  • Tags: free motion, Lee Vause, machine quilting, online workshop, zentangle

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    Certified Zentangle teacher, Lee Vause, will step things up for the next part in A Zentangle Journey. Be prepared to draw more complex tangle patterns in more complex strings, create and work with a grid, and learn about shading. This workshop will run over a 6-week period to enable you sufficient time to work through all 4 lessons and their numerous exercises then embark on your very own Zentangle Inspired Artwork.

    This workshop includes 30 videos so you have a bird's eye view as Lee demonstrates her amazing artwork along with a complete gallery of large images to show her work in detail.

    New to Zentangle? If you have not experienced Zentangle creations before we strongly recommend you begin with our part 1 in this series. You can find more details here: A Zentangle Journey Part One

    Note: Once purchased, you can access the class data any time, 24 hours a day and you get immediate access if this workshop is available on this website. (if you don't have an account we suggest you sign up for one prior to purchase. Workshops held at require signing in there and take a little more time to activate)

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    Week 1: Some More Complex Tangle Patterns – I will introduce you to some more complex patterns for drawing initially with a pen and paper which can also be free motion quilted.

    Week 2: Creating and working with a Grid – This week we will concentrate on patterns that are created by some form of grid work which can be easily translated when free motion quilting.

    Week 3: Shading Techniques – Ah who understands what shading means in Zentangle? This week I deviate a little to talk about tone and value leading into shading as it relates to Zentangle. Then we look at how you would use this knowledge to shade your own Zentangle Art Work.

    Week 4: Stitching out your Zentangle inspired art work – Here is your opportunity to apply all the skills learned from A Zentangle Journey – Part 1 and this class so you can again create your very own Zentangle Inspired Art Work. 


    Participants who have been introduced to Zentangle will develop more confidence with drawing more complex Zentangle patterns that will enhance one’s free motion quilting skills.

    Participants will:

    • Strengthen their knowledge and skill relating to Zentangle
    • Draw a number of more complex tangle patterns to include variations and grid work
    • Learn about the relevance of shading in Zentangle when compared to more traditional art forms and apply these principles to paper and fabric
    • Create a fabric ZIA

    EXPECTED OUTCOME: At the end of the series of lessons participants will have:

    • Confidence in creating a Zentangle
    • Created a range of Zentangle art works
    • Made a fabric ZIA

    Supplies Required for Workshop

    Basic Zentangle Kit for paper-based drawing – Lesson 1, 2 and 3

    Please note you may already have these items as part of the undertaking "A Zentangle Journey - Part One". If not the following is suggested.

    • Zentangle tiles 3.5” x 3.5” preferred however not essential. Other items that can be used include a good quality drawing journal/sketchbook of a weight around 150gsm
    • A fine black liner pen of about 01 / .25mm size (preferred choice Sakura Micron Pigma Pen)
    • A small blender
    • A HB pencil

    Zentangle Inspired Art Project – Lesson 4

    • Domestic Sewing Machine in good working order and able to free machine quilt with a darning foot and feed dogs dropped.
    • Sewing kit to include, spare machine needles, safety pins approximately 2cms long, ordinary pins, scissors, tape measure, rotary cutter and small cutting mat to square up sandwich prior to binding or facing.
    • A light box or similar for transferring Zentangle design
    • Blue erasable pen or similar for drawing out your printed choice of Zentangle design. A silver or white pen is recommended for black fabric. Note if desirable 4 PDF file templates have been provided for this purpose. 
    • Approximately a 15” x 15” plain white or black cotton fabric quilt top, poly cotton batting and backing fabric. Additional fabric for binding cut at 21/2” width by all four sides or for facings. For these types of sample projects, I use either the quilt top or the backing fabric for the binding or facing.
    • Black or White cotton quilting thread while noting that I tend to use a polyester machine embroidery thread as I prefer the slight sheen on my work.
    • Shading medium such as a Grey Fabrico or similar fabric pen of choice. It is worth noting however that Lee will introduce a number of techniques for shading on fabric so you may wish to wait until workshop 3 before purchasing any shading items.