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Printing on Fabric

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family album printed quilt

Today I wanted to share some insights about my "Printing on Fabric" workshop. I first started teaching this class at Quilt University in 2009 and I still get students fascinated with the process. It's a fun class as you get to try all sorts of printing techniques such as making labels for your quilts or capturing mesmerizing scenes.

One of my class samples is made up of photos I printed of my family and then made a frame of patchwork to join them together. (one photo is me at graduation back in 2006)

There are several different projects to make in this workshop but a favorite technique of mine is machine embroidery over photo. We print the photo on fabric first and then we use our sewing machine to embroider decoratively over it. Definitely a fun technique.

Akaroa quilt - printed and stitched

Look closely, I'm sure you can see the background covered with stitches. This enhances the photo a lot.

I know you would all like to hear a little about the scene used in this embroidery project. It is Akaroa point in New Zealand near Christchurch. If you look at a map of NZ you will see an area of land the sticks out into the sea from Christchurch... Akaroa is right out on the end and this is the very tip of that. Many do not see this part of the island when they visit Akaroa but luckily my son-in-law knew of it and when we had visitors out from America in 2006 we packed a picnic and he drove us out there. Up and down steep hillsides, through farmlands, and along dirt tracks... then all of a sudden you embark on this wonderful scene. We had a beautiful day and its memories are captured in this quilt.

Here are a few photos from my students who have taken this class. 

Peggy's family album quilt
Peggy's family Album
Susan's family album on a cushion
Susan's photo cushion
thread painting by Gillian from the painting on fabric workshop
Gillian's thread painted scene

Would you love to find out more about this online workshop? Discover more about this online class here >>

I'm actually in the process of creating an in depth workshop on just the embroidery of this workshop. Let me know if you'd be interested.

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