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Parallels Between Painting and Quilts

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Quiltmakers who are moving forward with their work often study art - there is so much to be learned. Think of all the parallels between painting and quilts.

strength in quiet windows
Strength of Quiet Windows by Elizabeth Barton

The public at art shows asks:

“What is abstract art good for? Of what use to society are pictures of nothing?”

The public at quilt shows says:

“These are not your grandmother’s quilts! Of what use to society are quilts that won’t keep you warm!”

There are so many similarities between what happens in the “fine art” world and the quilt world. Don’t worry I am not getting into an argument as to whether art quilts are art or craft. For me they are both: the concepts are orthogonal. Do not waste your time on it!

Art especially abstract art can inspire quilt design more than almost anything else. If you want to jump start if you want to move forward with your work there\'s really nothing that comes close to looking at the innovators in abstract art. And beyond the first innovators are all the subsequent developments which focused on extending the new ideas combining ideas overlaying mixing matching in very much the same way that has happened in the art quilt world. Much abstract art is not really the result of totally new discoveries or ideas but rather the result of taking ideas that were already there and adapting recycling isolating recontextualizing repositioning and recombining to form new possibilities! And this is what I hope to encourage you to do in this workshop! People discovered the African American Quilters of Oakland Gees Bend and folk like Anna Williams with their free form improvisational ways of cutting and sewing fabric and built on them. And are still building on them in very much the same way the early abstract artists took ideas from each other and built upon them.

Come and enjoy this journey into the world of abstract art...and create a multitude of new designs!

......Elizabeth Barton
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If delving deeper into the realm of Abstract Art with Elizabeth intrigues you, consider enrolling in her virtual workshop titled "Abstract Art for Quiltmakers." This course is brimming with engaging exercises aimed at crafting various styles of abstract quilts. Additionally, it offers a captivating introduction to the often underestimated abstract paintings by female artists. By the end of the workshop, you'll have an abundance of designs, providing inspiration for a year's worth of quilt making!

tree by Elizabeth Barton
Tree by Elizabeth Barton
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