how small can you go? tiny Ohio star block

Ohio Star - how small can you go?

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Some time ago, I added the Ohio Star block pattern to my website. It includes three finished sizes 6", 9" and 12". Then I decided that I might try a smaller version - 3" block. A 3" block means each section is 1" square - that makes pretty small triangles for the star points.

3" and 6" Ohio Star blocks

3" and 6" Ohio Star blocks

So what size squares were required?

  • FOUR 2 1/4" squares - TWO of main color, ONE of second color and ONE of background
  • FIVE 1 1/2" squares - FOUR of background and ONE of main color.

The construction is the same. The quarter square triangles however are trimmed to 1 1/2". There was just two things to note.

Firstly, I found it real easy to accidentally veer off at the end of these short seams. This happens from time to time, but it appears more likely to happen on shorter seams. It is also more noticable because every thread matters when it comes to aligning these tiny seams. You have less 'fudge' room (that's ability to ease in).

crooked seam when dealing with small seams

crooked seam line where seam has veered outward

There is an easy fix for this type of crooked seam and no reverse sewing needed. Just turn the piece around and start from the opposite edge (crooked part - 1/4" in from the left of course). Sew down to where the seam with is correct.

how to fix a crooked seam

crooked seam line fixed

The other thing I do is press the last seams open instead of to one side. For these small blocks, it distributes the bulk a little better.

back side of an Ohio Star block

Back of 6" block - seams pressed to one side

back side of a 3" Ohio Star block - press seams open

Back of 3" block - seams pressed open

Easy enough to make just a little fiddly. 

Maybe you want to try a 1 1/2" block? Here's a tip.... squares are cut at 1 3/4" and 1". QST's are trimmed to 1". Yes I know, doesn't use a lot of ones stash, right?

Just so you know it can be done I made one for you to see.

1" units of a 3" Ohio Star block

1" units ready to piece together

I included the cutting board grid so you could see the measurements.

1-1/2" Ohio Star block - tiny block

1 1/2" block which is 2" including seam allowance

Cute huh? It would make a really cute keyring don't you think? Anyone else like to try it?

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