dahlia flowers and dahlia applique block

New Flower Block Possibilities

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I was visiting my daughter recently and we took time out to be chaperoned around a friend's garden which was a great chance for me to snap shot some interesting flower possibilities for new blocks. 

At this time of year there are plenty of dahlias flower.... look at all the wonderful colors, shapes and sizes.

Dahlia flower - bright pinkDahlia flower - orange/pinkDahlia flower - redDahlia flower - white with various sized petalsDahlia flower - spikey shaped petals with white and pink petalsDahlia flower - spikey shaped petals in deep pinkDahlia flower - dinner plate sized in pinkDahlia flower - tiny pink round flower

However, I already have a dahlia block and even though it is a different color chances are I probably won't make another.... well not at this time anyway.

dahlia flower applique block

Now even though I have a rose block (and several rose quilts), I do love this rose with it's simple petal structure and color.... 

rose flower

Did you see the bee in the center? This would make quite a different rose block to my original.

red rose flower applique block

As would this clematis....

clematis flower

when you compare it to my block.

clematis flower applique block

More photos of flowers include....


Allium flower



Linum Perenne

Linum Perenne



and Scabiosa


I don't have applique blocks for any of these flowers. Which one should I make first? Let me know in the comments below!

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