Seychelle Seahorses by Linda Schmidt

Linda's Amazing Water Quilts

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In this week's blog post, I wanted to share some of Linda Schmidt's amazing water quilts as Linda talks about the different techniques she teaches in her Waves and Waterfalls online workshop. Over to Linda....

"I love making landscapes, especially landscapes that have some form of moving water – waves coming into shore, waterfalls, streams, rapids and ripples. There is an art to making water in motion, and in my workshop, I teach many techniques that will give your water scene that realism that makes your scene come alive!

I start out by showing how to make a short scene with ocean, salt spray, and ripples of the sea coming onto a beach that is complete with real sand, rocks, and shells:

waves and waterfalls - She Sells Sea Shells by Linda Schmidt

I show how to create ocean waves complete with seafoam and luminescence:

waves and waterfalls

Then I show my students how to create a small version of Yosemite Falls:

Miniature Yosemite Falls

After I've taught all the techniques, I then help each student to turn whatever photo they like into her own Landscape Masterpiece. I love watching them come to life.

I'd love for you to come play with me as I turn painted melted cellophane into tiny bubbles, Angelina fiber into sea mist; Puff Paint, rocks and shells into a sandy beach; and paint, sheers, roving, and Angelina fiber into waterfalls. Your only limit is your own imagination!"

....Linda Schmidt

The following video shows some of Linda's amazing water quilts.

About Waves & Waterfalls: Join Linda for an exploration of many non-traditional techniques for making moving water, including twisted tuck waves and painted waves. You will embellish with beads, Angelina, Tinzl and Shiva Paintstiks. In the first three lessons, you will make waves. Lessons Four through Six start with a photo of Yosemite Falls and advance to a waterfall of your own creation. Skill level: Intermediate to advanced. This class involves many different techniques. The Supply List includes many of the same items used in Linda's Elements in Fabric class. Read more...

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