a multitudinous amount of different blocks can be created

How Many Variations Can One Simple Block Make?

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Twisted Ribbons quilt pattern made with strips

I designed a block a number of years ago - I was working with 2-1/2" strips, and would you believe the first quilt I made up using a pre-cut strip of fabrics that I didn't like..... too ugly to show here! However when put together using just four colored strips for each block the design worked wonderfully and "Twisted Ribbons" was born.

I played around with the same block making variations and "Time Square" came to light. It really is so different than Twisted Ribbons don't you think, but the original block is made exactly the same.

Time Square quilt pattern

Then I took a combination of both the above designs and added a small tweak, to come up with this quilt named "Ribbon-fest"

Ribbon-fest quilt pattern

About this time, I realized there were so many variations that I needed to teach this as a class, not only to learn this unique twist on a classic block, but also see what other possibilities could be created.... and while creating videos during the making of this workshop, yet another quilt was born, Keystone!

Keystone quilt made using a combination from Ruth's online workshop Patchwork with a Twist

So here you have four variations in the blink of an eye - there are more many more.

four variations from one block

So what exactly is in the class?

  • This fun patchwork class is designed for beginner to advanced quilters alike.
  • It uses one classic block however the technique could be used on others in the same manner to give a multitudinous amount of different blocks. 
  • No precise 1/4" seam are required for the block construction and cutting does not have to be accurate until the end when you square up the blocks to piece together.
  • I include lots of tips with easy piecing instructions and video support so you can learn the technique with ease.
  • Multiple sizes are included with the opinion of a single background or alternating block background effect.
  • Even quilting ideas and instructions!

I've been told "no stone is unturned" when it comes to the instructions in this workshop so you cannot go wrong..... even if you cut a crooked strip!

Patchwork with a Twist online workshop

If you'd like to find out more details about this online workshop see our website: Patchwork with a Twist

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