grape hyacinth flower block in a quilt

Grape Hyacinth - applique flower block

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I remember Grape Hyacinth popping up in early spring as a young girl. I loved these little flowers. I am not sure if it was their color (blue being my favorite) the tiny bundle of tightly packed flowers their bell shape or the fact that they were a sure sign of spring.

Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of a Grape Hyacinth but the wikipedia has a perfect image.

Grape Hyacinth

In this image you can see the tiny bell shaped flowers.

close up of grape hyacinth flower

For my flower block, I made the flowers all in one piece but they could be made separately too however that could be quite a fiddly job. On a larger scale it would be better.

I used the lightbox to trace through the individual flower sections and free-motion stitched each flower section to define it.

free-motion stitching defines each flower section

It looks like an upside down grape! I imagine this could be how it got it's name.

The flowers really came to life after I dabbed the bases on the lower sections with a little white fabric paint. 

Here's how my Grape Hyacinth block finished up.

grape hyacinth applique block

If you are interested in downloading this pattern, you can find the Grape Hyacinth block pattern here: Grape Hyacinth Block Download

To see all my BOW Flower blocks by visiting this page on my website: BOW flower blocks

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