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Free Online Quilting Class

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In response to the widespread curiosity among quilters about the process of taking an online quilting class, I've designed a short class tailored for newcomers eager to explore this exciting avenue of learning online. Recognizing the enthusiasm for a hands-on experience, I designed this class to have a quick and satisfying outcome - introducing the charming book cover adorned with appliqué flowers.

This creative project not only serves as a perfect introduction to the world of online quilting but also includes a bonus tablet cover for added versatility... and instructions include the flexibility to tailor the size according to your preferences. The end result is a unique and personalized gift, showcasing the joy of quilting with a personal touch. 

one of several book covers made in Ruth's free online workshop

I've personally sewn numerous variations for friends and family, serving as thoughtful Christmas and birthday presents. Moreover, I've personally benefited from using several of them myself.... and when I wish to offer more than just a book, I enhance the design by incorporating a small pocket on the inside cover, providing a convenient space to tuck in a gift card for that extra special touch. (Instructions are also included for this)

pocket for gift card inside book cover as an extra surprise

This project is a great way to get started in online quilting and from time to time I add more applique designs for you to try so you can come back and make as many as you wish.

For this workshop, I am going to open up a messenger chat room. This is something new to encourage quilters to share their thoughts and ideas as well as photos of their projects.... let me know if you are interested in joining!

Dive into the world of online quilting with this delightful class and bring your creative visions to life! This is a fun quick and easy project to complete and it is all free so come join me. To register, simply join our VIQ club (free also) - we send news, updates, and coupons only once per week: Free online class registration

...and if you need a little more detail, check out this page on our website: Free online class information

I hope you will join me. Happy Quilting!

PS: I love carrying my book around in my purse so I have it where ever I go. I often write notes to remember, sketch ideas for quilts, or even pre-write a blog posts while waiting for appointments.... and when the book is full you can replace it with another and still keep the cover.

PSS: Here is a snippet of a few of the workshop designs included

snippet of book/tablet covers from the free online workshp
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