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Fascinated about Filament Fantasy

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I don't know about you but I'm fascinated about Linda Schmidt's ebook workshop Filament Fantasy and her use of threads and fibers. I am definitely going to be taking a closer look. In the meantime, I asked Linda to express some words about what this ebook is all about.

Decorative Thread
Decorative Thread

"Have you ever bought a luscious spool of thread taken it home and found it absolutely won't work in your machine no matter what you do? Perhaps you just don't know all of the tricks of how to work with that thread...

    • how to tell if it is a crosswound or stacked thread
    • what needle to use
    • what your tension should be set at
    • how to use that thread in the bobbin if all else fails.

This ebook will show you all of that as well as adds many fun techniques to play with from:

    • embellishing with beads
    • couching with twisted yarns and threads
    • using painted Steam a Seam II light
    • add foiled highlights
    • how to use decorative stitches to highlight your work
    • how to do reverse applique by machine
    • and many other techniques.

This is a quilt-as-you-go one block at a time quilt but each block is a new challenge and a new skill added to your repertoire. And if you absolutely hate hearts - don't make them! Choose squares or circles shells or leaf shapes whatever you choose to use for your shape is just fine and will make your quilt even more interesting.

The reason I wrote this ebook (originally written as an online workshop), is that many people have never really experimented with their own machines and have never found out just what it will do.

Filament Fantasy ebook by Linda Schmidt

In this ebook, you use each block as an experiment finding out what your machine will tolerate, what it won't, and learn to work with it to bring it up to its full potential. You'll be surprised at what your old machine or your new machine will do! Check out my website and realize that most of those quilts were made on my 1973 Elna Supra; yes even the huge ones. It's not the machine, it's the operator and what the operator knows to do with their equipment.

Beautiful quilts can be made on any machine - you just have to know how to work with those threads and your own machine. Take a chance and make this fascinating project while learning new techniques and how to work with beautiful threads on your own equipment. Besides it's great fun!"

..... Linda

It really is an amazing journey and you can read more details about the ebook here: Linda's amazing Filament Fantasy ebook

During the time Linda had this ebook available as an online workshop, a good number of students completed it successfully and today we wanted to share just a few of their experiences.

Barbara Frohne Filament Fantasy adventure
Barbara Frohne
a Filament Fantasy block plus
Leigh's Block plus
another Filament Fantasy block
Pye's block

Fascinated about Filament Fantasy? Beautiful quilts can be made on any machine - you just have to know how to work with those threads on your own machine. Linda Schmidt gives you a step-by-step guide as she teaches you what to do, when to do it, and how, with whatever threads you are using.

Filament Fantasy ebook by Linda Schmidt
Linda's Filament Fantasy Ebook
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