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Enhancing My Keepsake Journals

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If you are anything like me, quilting isn't your only craft. I love to do all sorts of crafts and in these latest years I've been doing a whole lot more knitting and crocheting as well as quilting. These three crafts are probably my biggest crafty areas although I do like dabbling in many other things... and there is more I wish to try.

With knitting at the fore last year, I began creating a journal to record all my knits. I've done this digitally and physically (on notes of paper) with my quilts for years, but not with my knitting so I bought myself a journal and began recording.

hand written knitting journal

I found one major problem and that was I often forgot to include one or more of the important details like which needles I used or my stitch gauge and of course, now I look back I cannot remember those details.

So this year, I decided to try a new tactic. I designed a page that I could print out that had areas to fill in... and then I took it one step further. I figured if I printed my page on an adhesive label, I could customize my journal to suit the projects I made giving each project the amount of pages it required. These specially designed pages now offer me a unique and customizable touch to my journaling experience.

pages for my knitting journal

In my knitting journal, I have used double sided tape to add my swatch, and later I will take a photo or two of the finished garment.

photo of my knitting journal page

I repeated the process with appropriate changes to accommodate a quilting journal. The project pages have more detail for this as you can imagine.

project pages for a quilting journal

For this page, I put my fabrics on the scanner and scanned them to print. That allowed me to get a much better image. Of course, I could have also cut out snippets of fabric and added those instead.

page from my quilting journal with a WIP quilt

Then, upon showing what I'd done to a friend, she gave me the idea that I should offer these to others so this is what I've done. I made a downloadable version for all my international customers and a printed version that can be shipped locally.

In the latter, I've decided to offer individual pages as well as a complete set of 16 pages plus a starter page that includes a dot journal.

dot journal with adhesive project pages

How It Works

  1. Select Your Pages: Choose from our starter pack or individual project pages based on your interests and preferences.
  2. Peel and Stick: The adhesive backing makes application a breeze. Simply peel the label and stick it onto the desired page in your journal.
  3. Create Your Narrative: Chronicle your crafting journey by adding details, notes, and visuals/photos to your pages. Watch as your journal transforms into a unique and cherished keepsake.

Whether you're a dedicated crafter or someone exploring the world of creativity, these customizable pages are designed to enhance your storytelling. If only I had thought of this earlier in my crafting life.... if I had, I would have a library of journals as a testament to my creativity.

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