double themed placemats

Double Themed Placemats

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I'm not sure how Christmas and the festive season snuck up on me but it has, and once again, right around the corner! I know there is always those last minute things that need to be done so I wanted to share with you one of my last minute creations. With dinner parties and Christmas gatherings happening all through December I felt I should dress up my table a little for the occasion.

Of course I don't do anything by half. With such a short season why not extend their usefulness by creating another design or theme on the other side. Double sided place mats.... Christmas on one side and Easter or Fall or Thanksgiving or even birthday celebrations on the other! You can really do anything by just using fabrics for the occasions.

These placemats are quick and easy. I had mine made in no time at all. There is no hand stitching as I use the machine for that and my technique looks great on both sides. Actually, it is one listed in my 20 Methods to Finish Your Quilts eBook.

I added Autumn tones to make a Fall setting on one side.

Fall or Thanksgiving placemat using autumn colors

With Christmas is on the other side.

Reversible placemat showing Fall colors uppermost and Christmas theme underneath

Here is my Christmas place setting.

Christmas themed fabrics to create a Christmas placemat and table setting

and here is how the table looks.

Christmas placemats on table

I'd better get to and make another couple for a six-place setting!

If you'd like to purchase this pattern it is only a few dollars as a download. Reversible Place Mats .... I'd love to see a photo of your table setting.

Since I had so much fun with these, I'm thinking about making more. Here's some fabric ideas I can try.

Valentine themed fabrics...

valentine themed fabrics for placemats

Halloween themed fabrics....

Halloween themed fabrics for placemats

Birthday themed fabrics for a boy or car racing sport fan...

birthday themed fabrics for placemats

Remember for the binding you will need to think about a natural between the two themed sides or you can simply join two different colors together.

Which themes will you use?

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