2 new flower blocks added to the BOW applique flower series

Coneflowers or Echinacea and Hoffman Fabrics

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Yes, two new flower blocks in quick succession. I posted my 60th flower block last week and now comes my 61st. There are so many wonderful flowers to create and I love making them. 

This one has actually been coming for a while, in fact after visiting a friend's garden last year when I took the initial photo to work from.

coneflower photo from friends garden in Canterbury

Echinacea's (more commonly known as coneflowers) come in many colors and I based my flower block on the echinacea paradoxa (yellow coneflower) as my photo portrays.

For this block is that I used all Hoffman Fabrics 1895 Bali Watercolors for the applique.

Hoffman fabrics ready to pressed with pre-drawn fusible webbing
Hoffman Fabric watercolors

I often use Hoffman Fabrics for my applique for a number of reasons:

  • the awesome color choices
  • they are available in small colorful packs (5" or 10" squares) of 40 colors and these go a long way, so much less expensive than buying yardage
  • they make fusible applique a breeze with their quality fabrics
  • never have a problem with the fusible webbing not sticking or peeling off. This is due to the tight weave of the fabric (high thread count)
  • have a low fray factor
  • they are not solid yet have enough color variants within each fabric to make the petals and leaves look realistic

I created a block with five flowers varying in size to create dimension. I used various green, yellow, and gold fabrics and threads.

threads are selected and the coneflower applique is ready to stitch

Here is how my Coneflower block turned out.

If you'd like to try this flower block, you can find the pattern here: Coneflower block pattern

Happy Quilting! 

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