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Come Stitch With Me

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Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be working on one project - a simple block. It will just be an hour or so each week - you might like to join in and stitch along too. I'm sure we can all reward ourselves a little bit of creativity fun.

Let's focus on nature - a flower or leaf would work well. I captured these photos some time ago as I was out and about so I'll decide on one to use. If you don't have a photo, grab your phone and snap one otherwise you are welcome to use any of the following too.

flower shape to create a block from  hibiscus flower to create a shape from
leaf shape to create from Ivy leaf to create a shape from

As part of this stitch along, let's think up possible techniques that could be used to create these flowers and leaves - pieced? foundation pieced? appliqued? stitched? embroidered? Perhaps there is something else you'd like to try - this might be the perfect opportunity.

So let's get started by:

  • Now you have an idea of the technique you want to use, gather your supplies and materials. You might want to draw up a sketch of how you want to do this or simply jot down some ideas you have in mind.
  • draft up a template of your flower or leaf for the technique you wish to use
  • decide on how you want to create a background - it might be just one piece of fabric Or maybe lots joined together (a crazy patchwork block could work!) Or maybe you have a ready made simple block - that will work too.
  • create your flower and add it to your background or piece it in if that's your technique
  • go ahead and embellish it with stitching or quilting or by adding beads etc.

This should be quick and fun - spread the whole procedure out over the next few weeks or do it all at once. Try something new as a learning experience. The choice is yours!

Part Two - some more fun if you want!

I'm assuming the above shouldn't take too long. Perhaps an afternoon if all done at once so here's an added challenge. Make the block again but change it out. This could be changed in several ways:

  • Use the same technique with a different photo.
  • Use the same photo but a different technique.
  • Use the same photo and same technique, but swap out the fabrics or use a completely different color scheme.
  • Use the same photo, same technique, and same fabrics to create a different sized block - larger or smaller.

One last thought, as you are planning this second block think about how you can use the two blocks together. For example, if you were to make several more of each, would they work nicely in a quilt or a table runner?

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