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Best Features in Electric Quilt

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I'm not the only one who has been busy over the last couple of months. Shirley Goodwin - teacher of our Electric Quilt workshops has been extremely busy updating her classes to the more recent version of Electric Quilt - EQ8. This has been a mammoth task to say the least.

upgrading to EQ8 gives you extra options to learn

EQ8 has a greatly enhanced user interface, meaning it’s much more user friendly than earlier versions. Every aspect of the program has been overhauled to make it easier to use.

There are over 1500 new blocks in the Block Library, over 6200 new fabrics in the Fabric Libraries, improved rotary cutting charts, better yardage estimates - the list goes on. 

Some of the best new features Shirley came across while updating the workshops are:

  • colored foundation piecing patterns, which eliminate any confusion about which fabric comes next;
  • the ability to design and print your own unique quilt labels;
  • being able to export high resolution images, suitable for printing or social media;
  • a “mirror” option for printing text and fusible web designs;
  • and best of all, no hidden tools. Everything you could possibly want to do is now visible in the menus. 

One of my favorite tools in Electric Quilt is the wreathmaker - mostly because you can create some really wonderful unique quilting designs - which can be used for blocks as well. I captured some clips from Shirley's new video demoing how easy this is to use, using either a preloaded shape or drawing one of your own.

EQ8 is so much better than the earlier versions. If you’ve always dreamed of designing quilts like a professional, then this software and Shirley's workshops will get you started. Shirley has two workshops as shown below..... Happy Designing!

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