a simple trick for sewing angled seams

Angled Seams - a tip for sewing them

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Remember my tutorial about snowball corners? Today I wanted to share with you how to join a snowball corner to a simple 9-patch block. When I do this I'm joining an angled seam to a straight seam so it is a little more difficult to make them match accurately. There is a simple trick though. Use a pin to match the two points of each seam 1/4" down from the raw edge. Be sure you do not measure 1/4" along the angled seam as this will not be accurate - it needs to be measured straight in from the raw edge.

My close up photo shows where the pin goes through both sections. The angled seam is on top and the straight seam you can see behind. The pin is going through both seams exactly where the next seam will be sewn (1/4" from the raw edge).

This photo shows where you stitch the seam. You can see the pin pierces the fabric exactly in line where the seam will be sewn (seam line is indicated with dotted line). When stitching the seam sew right up to the pin before removing it, but not over it as if you accidentally hit the pin you could damage your machine.

After the seam is sewn press to one side or open then open it up to see perfect points where the red fabrics meet.

Give it a try!

The quilt featured at the top of this blog post is called Celtic Jewel. You can use the technique described above for perfect seams as you make it. For more details about this quilt (including the pattern) see our website at: Celtic Jewel

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