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Ambitions Often Outweigh Time and Energy

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Today I decided to share some photos of what I've been working on this past week. As you will discover, my ambition outweighed my time and energy so all my plans did not come to light, but one hopes they might over the next week or so.

A new design in the process was worked on....

making a mess while working on a new quilt design
cutting out appliques
positioning appliques on quilt background

You can see by the above photos, quite a lot of time and energy goes into a quilt pattern and it is hit or miss of becoming a well-liked design - I won't know this until well after all the work is done!

Some software was downloaded so I could work on transferring purchased embroideries to my machine - all ready to go but yet to be trialed. I simply ran out of time to get further on this but hopefully it will become tomorrow's project.

Bernina software for embroidery

An electric spinner arrived this week to which I want to create art yarn for my quilts... ready to roll! I need to make some art batt before putting this new spinner into action. That probably won't happen until next month but it's all ready to start.

electric spinner intended to use for creating art yarn

I did manage to get out for my morning walk on this beautiful Fall day.

out for a walk on a beautiful fall day

Right now, I plan to get some stitching done on my new design so heading off to thread up my machine ready to begin.

Ready to thread machine with thread to applique

What are you working on currently? 

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Thanks Ruth. I have plenty time, just no energy. Your work and classes are an inspiration though.


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