agapanthus flower block - one of over 60 applique flowers in the BOW series

Agapanthus Flower Block

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Agapanthus is a flower you see around in a lot of places. They are also know as African lilies and Liles of the Nile. I see them a lot in New Zealand yet these photos were taken while visiting Temecula in Southern California.

agapanthus flowering plant

Here is a closer view of the flower.

close up of agapanthus flowers

When I made this block I used hand dyed fabrics for these flowers... however I was having difficulty finding just the right blue-purple shade hence I used various purple shaded batik for the petals around the edges to help create dimension.

flower head of agapanthus applique block

I used stitching to highlight the lines in each of the front flowers after using my favorite soft-edge applique technique to stitch them in place.

close up of stitched agapanthus flower from the BOW applique flowers series

And my finished block ended up like this.

Agapanthus flower block - one in a series of applique flowers

This Agapanthus block is one of over 60 flower blocks and available as a pattern. You can download it here: Agapanthus Block Download

To see all my BOW Flower blocks visit: BOW flower blocks

If you cannot find your favorite flower, do let me know. I'm always on the hunt for some different flowers to create! Leave your comment below.

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