nine patch blocks in progress

A WIP Waiting To Be Finished

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I started a quilt a good many years ago but it hasn't been finished. I started it for a special friend who passed away and it has sat waiting to be finished for over 8 years now. I'm hoping this blog post will spur me into finishing it.

I started out by selecting a heap of blue fabrics - blue being my favorite color of course.

blue fabrics ready to press and cut into strips
a collection of blue fabrics

I didn't use a lot just a couple of 2.5" strips of each fabric

2.5 inch strips cut ready to make nine-patch blocks
2.5" strips cut ready to sew

After the strips were all cut it was time to start piecing. I cut the strips in half and joined two together then pressed and cut those in half too. This way I could mix them all up but still keep sewing strips instead of squares. The result was pale blue nine-patches with background square alternating.

scrappy nine-patches made in pale blue and white on white patches
Pale blue nine-patches completed

I only needed nine of these blocks so I quickly moved on to the two-tone blue nine-patches. I did the same thing mixing up the fabrics. No block has the same fabric twice and they alternate between light and dark.

nine-patches in blue
Now working on two-tone blue nine-patches

I did well to make this many blocks in a day, but as always when having fun, the day runs out too soon so I still have a bunch of nine-patches to sew the last strip onto. That's for another day.

nine patch blocks waiting for their last strip to be added
Adding the last row of squares

What do you think so far? Any idea what I'm going to be making with all these nine-patches? Will I add some applique as I am so accustomed to do? Do you think I'll make more progress with this quilt now? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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